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Which light meter? Are you using it correctly? If it was an incident meter, it reads the light directly incident on the subject, whereas the camera meter is a reflective meter, reading the light reflected from the subject. Huge difference, with different procedures. The camera Reflective meter is aimed at the subject from camera (affected by subjects ...


Since you are a beginner, trust the camera. The fact that your light meter is 2 stops off means you are doing something wrong or you light meter is faulty. How did you determine EV-12 ? You are probably estimating the light conditions incorrectly.


You're probably better off just taking a test shot to begin with then looking at the brightness histogram on the shot you just took to see if you need any adjustments. Generally, you'll want a nice distribution where the graph looks like a bell curve or has a balanced range. This tells you that you have a good distribution of tones, meaning you capture the ...

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