Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway

Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway
by Saaru Lindestokke                

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The night sky will tend to produce high luminance ratios [contrast] because empty space will approach black and celestial objects will approach white. In terms of the possible range of scenes a camera might be used to capture it is at an extreme edge. A camera design may [and often does] trade off absolute fidelity in exchange for producing better results ...


I deleted my other answer. Yes, there is something weird on my camera-manual lens combination. There is no more manual lens than the one I am using. A 40 year old Nikon lens with an adapter on a Canon. The camera is reading the light you just have on the sensor, no re-calculation or anything. If I close the diaphragm the poor camera just receives less ...


No, exposure is not much dependent on exact focus. Metering close to the face is exactly correct for incident meters (which pros likely use, to read the actual light there at that spot, but the incident meter is aimed away from the subject, towards the camera.) But reflected camera meters will underexpose Caucasian light faces, about 1 stop. Reflected ...


If I'm not wrong it's a totally manual lens, so what the camera meter it's exactly what you'll shoot. And in this sense no, you shouldn't have this problem at all. But given that, again, is totally manual and there is no electronic contact at all, there is nothing the lens can do to confuse the camera meter. So the only explanation that comes to my mind is ...


Modern Pentax SLRs don't have stop-down aperture coupler on the body mount - mechanical linkage that links to lens aperture ring. Why? Because modern cameras communicate with the lens using electronic or digital signal protocol, thus rendering mechanical protocol unneeded. Because mechanical components have higher costs (more finely machined, moving parts) ...

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