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@omega Here's what you are not getting: The 36x24 measurement is the size a classic photo negative taken with 35mm film. It is a well known and accepted measurement. 35mm film was a very commonly used film for 60+ years. Because format size (sensor or film size) determines angle of view for a particular focal length lens, and because 35mm film was so common ...


From the exif data: Image size is 2988 pixels height by 5412 pixel length. The file states the actual focal length is 4.8. The file states this vale is the equivalent of a 31mm lens mounted on a full frame. From this we can calculate the crop factor = 31 รท 4.8 = 6.4583. The diagonal of a full frame, 24mm height by 36mm length = 43.27mm. The diagonal of this ...


There should be an EXIF tag DateTimeOriginal that should have the exposure date and time. It can be rewritten by other programs but I don't see the purpose of rewriting it. Use EXIFTOOL or any other exif tool to retrieve the value.


Yes, it can be very annoying when the date created of photos is altered after copying or transferred to another device. But the original date taken of photos is still available in the Exif Metadata. The software tool File Date Corrector for Windows can retrieve the necessary information by reading the metadata of Exif and IPTC and correct the system provided ...

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