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The resolution often differs: the camera facing the user has a lower resolution than the camera on the back. A few examples I pulled from iPhone 6:                    Front 8MP;    Back 1.2MP Samsung Galaxy S5: Front 16MP;&...


I can't speak for all phones, but a look at EXIF for the iPhone 5, I've noticed that the Lens data element tells you a fair bit: Rear camera: iPhone 5 back camera 4.12mm f/2.4 Front camera: iPhone 5 front camera 2.18mm f/2.4 As I said, can't be sure for other phone makes, but that's a starting point for you and it's probably pretty consistent across the ...


The other free program is Google Picasa - you can easyly batch change date and time for all the photos: Nice article about it: How to Change a Photo’s Date in Picasa to When the Photo Was Taken


Yes, it is the time at which the location was determined. That may be a second before the picture was taken, but it could be much more, if for example you are in a canyon and the GPS is unable to make a fix.

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