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Googling around, it looks like there are three ways you could go about this. The problem, essentially, is that since your scanned images have no EXIF to begin with, iPhoto is simply reading the file's created date, and using that, and that will not be overwritten by whatever you enter into iPhoto. You have to find some way to force EXIF metadata creation, ...


As from discussion with Per Olso Norway this can happen because of few reasons Setting in the export in LR (see image below) Software, used to upload image strip EXIF information. Original Flickr Uploadr do not do it Some other software in the workflow (xnview for example: Tools->Metadata->Clear)


I have used It loads your photos and it can create a kmz file for Google Earth, it was really easy.


After thinking about the situation, I suggest not to write FocalLengthIn35mmFormat at all. As mentioned in the question, metadata of pictures taken with an electronically connected lens (the Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM) do not provide the FocalLengthIn35mmFormat tag. exiftool calculates the composite tag FocalLength35efl from other information (as ...


Good practice is adding 0x920a Focal length 0x9205 Max Aperture Value 0xa405 Focal Length In 35mm Format (60D sensor active area has 26.82mm diagonal) 0xa432 Lens Info 0xa433 Lens Make 0xa434 Lens Model


The tag you search is named "Focal Length" Here is what I see with 70D, Sigma 24-105/F4 Focal Length : 80.0 mm (35 mm equivalent: 126.1 mm) FocalPlane???? tags depend on digital zoom P.S. FocalLengthIn35mmFormat is calculated from FocalLength multiplied by "Scale Factor To 35 mm Equivalent" P.P.S. Here are the formulas to ...


If you want Hugin to auto-recognize and correct for the lens, then probably the right tag to use is Samyang 8mm f/3.5 Fish-Eye CS, because this is the entry in the lensfun database, which is now integrated into Hugin use. In the slr-samyang.xml file the entry is: <lensdatabase version="1"> <lens> <maker>Samyang</maker> ...


I want to add the correct EXIF lens metadata... A lens not designed to communicate with the camera won't have EXIF data which would be deemed "correct" because the manufacturer didn't assign anything. If there's a community of Rokinon users, you might ask around to see if there's a string people are using for your lens so any profiles you get from ...


According this document there is no Exif.Canon.LensModel number, assigned to the Rokinon 8mm. So my opinion is you can't add value, which will be understandable for LR or Aperture P.S. LensInfo tag is for DNG format and I am not sure will work with CR2


Good news, this is now natively supported in Picasa Just check Tools > Options > Name Tags > "Store Name Tags In Photo" You can also force Picasa to start the writing process using Tools > Experimental > "Write Faces to XMP" Verify this worked with using an EXIF viewer to verify a normalized XMP region with a name was written to the ...


The same exact thing happened to me (I had a 90s folder too!). In order to get it to work, I had to import the photos to iPhoto, then export them to the desktop, then re-import them into iPhoto. And THEN they worked. Once you upload them to Flickr, if you change the date in iPhoto, the date won't sync, though it syncs up tags in Flickr. However, it's very ...

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