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Yes, it is a good idea to use the configuration you describe for mirroring/backup. The general algorithm is (unfortunately) in many models single-threaded in its storage part (IOW from step3 onward) and is as follows: The picture is shot and is placed in camera's internal buffer in a queue structure. The storage's subsystem I/O listener checks if the ...


I'm guessing, I don't know the internals, but stop and think about it... The camera clearly already has the file buffered in its memory, from which it writes the first card. Why would it would it take the time to read it back (to write the second card), when it already has it buffered in memory? It is possibly multi-threaded, and writes both at the same ...


Maybe you can't see those pictures because folders (or files) won't show in the finder if their name start with a dot "." I use TinkerTool ( to change that setting and see hidden files and folders.


They should be there in a folder, probably within a folder called "DCIM." It would say "100OLYMP" or something like that. You'd go into the SD card volume just like going into a hard drive, via the Finder, and if they are on the card they should be plainly visible if you drill down into the folders. If not, perhaps they got erased, and you could try some ...

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