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The other very detailed answers have a lot of useful information, but at the end of the day, the ratings, reported speeds, and classes for the media are not trustworthy. All the manufacturers play a little fast and loose with the admittedly loosely defined speed criteria and reporting. Now, the camera manual will refer to specific aspects of media that they ...


Just choose the largest raw file format that your camera will produce. Shoot off a burst of 5 or 10 of them, and time the duration that the card write LED is on. Download will show the size of the files, and N files x Size / seconds is the MBytes per second write speed. The cards 95 MB/second rating is probably read speed, write speed is often slower. ...


Buy an SD card reader for a couple of bucks. Insert your camera memory card into the reader. Insert the reader into a PC or laptop USB port. Click 'Properties'. The size and space remaining will be shown. The total time from removing your card from the camera to re-inserting the card is about 30 seconds.


Develop a process. Repeat if often and it will become second nature. There are many ways to go around it and depending on a laptop is not always practical. I rarely carry one on vacations to save weight and there are plenty of times when the laptop just wont have enough power between the opportunities you have to charge it. There are several strategies and ...


do any of you find hard to manage the photos you take with your digital camera? That's entirely subjective. So is the trade-off between reliability and convenience which this question is basically all about. I'm gonna make the comparison with a smartphone: with the smartphone I can automagically backup everything in the cloud. Not really. Without ...


This is a subjective question and I am sure it can yield many different opinions. For me, what you describe, is a standard practice and something that I do and I am sure most other photographers do, without even thinking, that is if I or we want images that are of better quality than our smartphone! Pretty much like cooking dinner. I have to purchase the ...


Do you know the EyeFI cards? they have WiFi and they can connect to known WiFi networks to send photos to a local or remote server. Basic version sends JPEGs, Pro version also RAW. Of course you'll have issues transferring the RAW files during a vacation to a remote server... And in any case, if you have a big card (16 GB or ...

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