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Here are some suggestions as to how to approach your problem: Clean out the contacts within the card slot, if dirty — This can be done using compressed air, or very gentle work with pliers or q-tips with some cleaning alcohol based detergent Try smaller and/or slower sd-cards — sd-cards comes in different classes/sizes, your camera might have difficulties ...


There is nothing technical stopping DSLRs from having internal storage (in fact, they already have a small amount). One reason for not including internal storage would be that it cannot be replaced, both in the short term (once the memory is full) and in the long term (once the memory, which would most probably be flash memory, starts to fail). Having the ...


There are three possible most likely explanations. As others have noted, there are hidden files somehow taking up space. Reformatting should fix this. Some sort of corruption. This actually comes in two flavors: Corrupt filesystem, no real problem: Again, reformat and the problem goes away. Lower-level flash corruption. Reformatting won't help, and may in ...


Ι had the same issue. A 32 GB card showed 152 photos left (!) while normally it is more than 1200 (Eos 6D - same issue with Eos 600D). I erased all the photos from the card which was inserted in my Macbook Pro and in the Trash all photos appeared as locked items, although I never protected them. Formatting the card was the simple and easy solution.

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