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The card won't read in the camera or in a computer, but both devices will read other cards? Sounds like a dead card to me. Time to get a new card.


According to the manual for your camera it has approximately 43MB of internal storage. This is unlikely to be able to store the number of pictures you took but, if the instructions in the manual are followed, you may be able to retrieve at least some of the missing pictures. Page 24 of the manual states that any images on the internal memory can only ...


Unfortunately for you, cameras these days don't come with any form of "internal" memory1 so if you didn't have a memory card in your camera, your photos are lost forever. Sorry about that. Or if they do, it's so limited that it may as well be none.


If you are using a microSD card with adapter, try changing the adapter. This solution works for me. I've found adapters from Adata and Kingstone to be corrupt.

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