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Would setting it to 13.1MP allow for a greater Sensor Pixel Area or PPI ... Sensor Pixel Area and Pixels Per Inch are opposites. It's not clear if you meant this as an either/or question but it is. Selecting a lower resolution from the same complete sensor will give you a lower PPI. At the same time it effectively gives you a larger SPA by combining ...


Greater sensor area in the way you've described it would give you a lower PPI value as it is Pixels Per Inch, of which you are recording fewer in your output file. Theoretically, there will be some super-sampling which will provide more accuracy by averaging groups of pixels which will be treated as one later on. The effects of noise would be reduced at ...


Would setting it to 13.1MP allow for a greater ... PPI in my final picture? In terms of PPI, no. In fact, your effective PPI in the final picture is reduced. When you choose smaller image sizes in camera, when the picture is taken, the full sensor is still used. However, when the camera's processor goes to write the image to a JPEG file, the image is ...


Both Samsung and Edmund Optics use the name "Megapixel" or "MegaPixel" to describe lenses they sell for C-mount and CS-mount cameras, but in both cases the term is used like a brand name rather than a description of any technical aspect of the lens. There's also a perceptual megapixel concept developed by DxOMark to describe lens sharpness in a way that's ...


Sensors are manufactured to have a certain number of megapixels. Each photosite on a sensor, either CCD or CMOS, is used to generate a pixel based on the charge accumulated as a result of light falling on the corresponding light-sensitive area. A lens is made of continuous transparent material like glass, ceramic or plastic. There are not details on it to ...


Lenses do not have "megapixels" – they are simply glass (or some other optically clear material such as certain plastics and crystals). Only the camera's sensor has "megapixels".

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