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You can try using Imatest or sfrmat3, it helps answering this type of questions and better understand the subject.


The DXOMark results for this lens and camera combination give quite good sharpness results, but they show that it already drops of at f/11. Best at f=35mm & f/2.8 Their "Perceptual MPix" score is supposed to be much more intuitive than those MTF50 charts.


Lens resolution is much more complex than sensor resolution. It's not constant across the lens, and changes with aperture. Here's a forum discussion that goes into the details of lens/sensor comparisons, and the important part is: even a perfect lens would have a lower resolution than your sensor at f/11 aperture due to diffraction! Extremely low ...


There is no hard limit to resolution - details don't just vanish they fade out gradually as the contrast between light and dark is reduced. This reduction in contrast is expressed by means of the modulation transfer function (MTF). It's just a fancy way of saying details of size X will experience a loss of contrast Y. The MTF of a camera system is the ...

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