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I had been using the default 350 dpi, but the resulting files are too small to sell to most stock photography sites online. The ppi settings has nothing to do with the real photo size. You can have 72 ppi or 300. If you have enough Megapixels you are fine. Note that the unit is ppi, pixels per inch, not dpi (dots per inch). dpi is a printer resolution ...


How is the image impacted here? Two sensors with different sizes having same pixel resolution are capable of giving roughly same images (not discussing noise, dynamic range and colour reproduction now). However, this is only possible in theory. If an objective is used to photograph a black to white transition (say the brightness ratio be 1:1000, rough ...


how the resolution of images shot with particular mega pixel sensor is being maintained? Like a 20 megapixel full frame or APS-C have the same resolution of output image, although sensor size differs. Different sensors have different sized pixels. If you have an APS-C sensor and a full frame sensor that have the same pixel count, say 20 megapixels or ...


However, these two sometimes give completely different results. For example, the Lumix LF1 has a perceptual megapixel count of 3MP, while the Sony RX1 boasts 18MP -- a 6x difference. But when we compare the number of lines the camera can resolve on a resolution chart, a completely different picture emerges: The Lumix does 22, while the RX1 does only ...


I'll just add, the two numbers measures different aspects. Dxomark's "perceptual megapixel" are measuring both resolution and contrast, hence the use of the word "perceptual". It's not the actually detail sharpness but how we as humans sees it on print in the size they uses for the measurements. Dxomark is basically telling you how most of us perceives the ...

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