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Yes, that's pretty easy. Let's assume your image in in the background layer. You need only one layer mask actually, and that layer mask will be in layer A, on top of the background layer. Put your other layer B on top of A. Now press the Alt key and move your cursor right in between the two layers in the layers panel. The cursor should change to some kind of ...


You are not going to be able to get all of the background at once due to the color gradient. The way that I usually deal with this is to duplicate the layer and then delete the background layer. This will put a copy of the image over a transparent background. You can then erase the background with the erase tool. You can also do some bulk removal of ...


I don't think you can easily do this with multiple masks. You need to use a single mask, but clip your adjustment layers to that one mask. Assume you have your main background layer called Layer1, a colour balance adjustment layer above that, and hue/sat adjustment layer on top. Put the colour balance and hue/saturation layers in a group (I do this, not ...

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