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As others have pointed out, the questions of what is auto mode really and how do you define a professional photographer as opposed to a amateur has been pretty well covered. The question that wasn't asked and I feel should have been. "Why do photographers that have mastered the craft of photography use auto modes?" That might have been a more accurate ...


This is a very common issue with the 5D series. You have accidentally locked the rear control-dial. The power-switch next to it has actually 3 positions. When lined up with On, the camera is on but the rear control-dial is disabled. When lined up with the white line which goes to that dial, the camera is on and the dial is enabled.


One not yet mentioned: consistency. I shoot horse shows. Outdoors in full sunlight the right exposure stays the same for hours at time. My settings last longer than my sunscreen. Auto is going to have some variation, especially given horse coats varying from don't-call-it-white* to a really dark black. If I let auto move my settings around I need to ...


You must set up in manual, then switch back to aperture mode to change the aperture. When you go back into manual the aperture adjustments will show up. You can not do it in manual mode and must go back and forth.

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