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Short: A second-hand manual focus lens of suitable quality will probably do what you want well at a small fraction of the cost of a new AF lens. _____________ You may be able to get a newer lens that is superior in quality of results than any older lens - but you may not, and that part of the answer is subjective and up to you to decide. As far as ...


Yes, it's safe on just about any Canon L lens that has autofocus. Keep the shutter button half-depressed while you're re-focusing with the focusing ring, and then press the shutter button all the way down to take the photo. If you re-focus, release the shutter button, and then take a photo, the lenses will focus automatically and you'll lose the re-focus ...


Yes it is safe to adjust the focus manually in AF mode of L lenses. The general rule is that for any lens if in AF mode you have to use force (The motor is not allowing to change focus, using force may cause damage) it is not safe. In L lens of any other USM motor this is not the case the focus ring will move freely and you may feel that this ring is not ...


If the lens has ring USM then you can move the focus ring at any time without fear of damage. If the lens has Micro-USM and the focus ring does not move during autofocus it is also safe. Lenses with full time manual focus will also allow you to continue to turn the ring even when the focus is all the way to Minimum Focus Distance (MFD) or infinity. If the ...


The green dot should work, it is a function of the phase shift viewfinder. It's about the view seen, not about the lens communication.


I suggest you checkout Jeffrey Friedl's lightroom plugin collection. He has a few EXIF tools, including http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/data-explorer and http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/metadata-viewer. I haven't tried them yet, but the picture on metadata-viewer clearly shows it reveals "maker notes."


The focus point (focus selection indicator) is not the in-focus indication. The red point may be lit, but the focus is indicated by the in-focus sound, the dot and the rangefinder (if enabled) in the viewfinder. Note that there are two switches for Manual focusing: using the focus mode switch on the lens (A-M or A/M-M)- set to M using the Focus Mode ...


I faced the same problem when i bought DSLR. Solution is when you set camera to manual focus use viewfinder and keep focusing until you see a green dot on the left corner which indicates wherever you are pointing your camera that part/object it's focused properly.


Personally, I'd at least ask for a free quote from Olympus, especially if this is a lens you use frequently. It may be much cheaper than you anticipated and would be a more permanent solution than trying to fix it yourself with glue and such. Here's the website repair page. I shoot Canon and was hesitant to send in a lens for repair because of the cost, ...

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