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I have a 6D with the old version of the 100-400. Focusing for me in manual mode is difficult and hit or miss. If I focus manually I try to let the camera focus points tell me if I am in focus. It doesn't always work if the background is high contrast. If I have a subject that is very high contrast that helps a lot and my keeper rate goes up. If you can ...


The Canon 18-135mm STM lens allows for Manual override when set to AF Mode. It will not harm the lens or the camera. It is a feature that is commonly used by Videographers but also by some photographers, A common example will be at a wedding. Here you focus on the bride, you hear the beep and see the red dot. Now with the shutter half pressed, you pan over ...


That is intentional. As described here: This new STM lens is an inch shorter and adds a zoom lock and instant manual-focus override to the older 18-135mm EF-S IS lens, however manual focus is electronic. The focus ring isn't connected to anything, and there is a tiny time delay between when you move the ring and the lens moving. The speed at which the ...

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