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I am not familiar with this exact lens and camera model, but with similar questions related to Sony Alpha cameras and manual focus lenses. I assume your camera gives an error message similar to the following: "Check the lens attachment. If the lens is not supported, you can permit use of the lens in the custom menu." I suspect the reason for this is that ...


There is no easy way. That's why it's called manual focus. what I did was buy a few manual lenses on ebay and first practice focusing on still subjects manually and find yourself a good smooth ring that doesn't creep. Ebay has a large selection. Next, you must learn the marked scales and what they mean for your lens. The focus ring is usually marked with two ...


The apparent distance of an object in a water viewed from air ,d_prime, equals true distance* 1/1.3333 (index of refraction of air/ index of water). So an object d feet away will appear to be 25% closer in water. So you can just find the focus distance on land and then make the adjustment.

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