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Yes, in my opinion, it will help. I installed an Eg-s focus screen in my 5DMkII for use with an adapted 50mm f/1.2 manual focus (Olympus OM-mount) lens, and it was like night and day in being able to nail focus with the lens wide open. The super-precision screen does render DoF more accurately than the default focus screen. Whether it will be enough for ...


Focusing screens for cameras with autofocus tend to be - almost per definition - optimized for use with autofocus lenses, which tend to be relatively "slow" with an aperture in the f/3.5-5.6 range. In olden days, focusing screens were optimized for fast, manual-focus screens, but those screens had the downside that they grew unusably dark when used with such ...


The problems I see with with the "test" are: Overly precise measurements. A 0.001 second difference is meaningless. No disclose about the testing detail- e.g. what target for AF, what distance, what lens, definition of outliers, etc No evidence of a properly conducted study, i.e. multiple cameras and multiple lenses, each camera tested with each lens ...


The problem seems to be you don't know what exposure is. Exposure is the density of light that hits the sensor controlled by aperture and shutter speed. So in aperture priority mode exposure compensation changes shutter speed. Now what about ISO. In film ISO was the sensitivity of film to light. It was therefore also part of exposure. A lot of people ...

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