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will not focus an distant objects. Will an extension tube solve this problem? No, extension tubes allow focusing closer but at the same time prevent focusing to infinity. It shifts your focus range down. It sounds like your lens needs readjustment or repair. Start with a close inspection: any loose parts, rattling, buildup of grease? Does the ...


I've never adapted an M lens, but I have adapted some R lenses for my Canon dSLRs, and I've also adapted some Olympus OM lenses on my micro four-thirds cameras. And I'd say it all depends on which mirrorless camera you end up getting and what type of manual focusing assist features it offers. Right now, the latest generation of Fuji X cameras (except the ...


Maybe you could get a wide, heavy duty rubber band, and put it over the join on the lens barrel. If it's the right size, then it should provide enough friction to stop it from turning. You could even apply a bit of glue to one half to keep it in place.


Use AI-Servo and Continuous shots and hope for the best. You can try with one point or more. All these will sometimes work, otherwise fail. It's all about taking chances. It's about luck


It's quite possible he used focus stacking. I've not used the technique myself, but it's supposed to be easy to do in newer versions of Photoshop. There are also a number of stand-alone programs, both free and commercial, that can do focus stacking. It would take a bit longer, but you can also focus stack by hand using layer masks.


You need to use: a bigger depth of field, which can be achieved by using a higher aperture value to get more of the bag in focus: try values above f8. a shorter focal length a bigger distance between the lens and the subject a light diffuser, to reduce the harshness of your shadows or use a long exposure without a flash It goes without saying that a ...


Don't panic! There actually is an autofocus switch on the lens itself. You may have glanced over this in the manual but not paid attention. The entire focus ring can actually click forward or backwards. When it's back, a distance scale is exposed and the lens is in manual focus mode. When it's forward, autofocus. You must have moved it inadvertently. Push it ...

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