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Could you post a 100% crop (central part) of an image you considering blurred? Sidenote: why not use a kit Nikkor 18-55mm DX, it has same lame f/3.5-5.6 but adds VR and longer tele (~70mm equivalent for nice portraits) for less money. Also I believe there is no 50mm DX lens in existence. I personally played with D3100/18-55VR couple of weeks ago and I ...


Screw-driven autofocus lenses tend to have very short throws to enable the motor in the camera to get through the entire focus range quickly. The trade-off for this is that it takes a very small amount of angular movement in the focus ring to pass through the zone where the AF system thinks the focus is correct. The body is capable of the very minute ...


Since you have tested the lens on a T2i, the problem is mostly with the older body. Get it serviced. I guess, there must be some discrepancies with the lens contacts on the XS body.

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