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Thanks to Stan Rogers - I googled for "MStrap-1" and got images of Manfrotto carrying straps attached to this hook. Though it doesn't feel like a strong attachment point, clearly it's capable of carrying the tripod around on. Manfrotto MStrap-1 on Amazon


I have the Manfrotto 190XPROB and it is very good. Obviously it is quite heavy. I bought a mini ball head which isn't strong enough, I regret not spending enough on the head.


I'm quite happy with mine. I have an 804RC2 head which is good for panning, however a ball-head or trigger-grip head would allow for faster repositioning. The 190XProb isn't a full-height tripod, though it is tall enough and steady enough for most uses. It is also a very versatile tripod because the legs can be individually adjusted to different angles and ...


Since each leg section is nested in the next when the monopod is compacted, splitting it in two won't result in either section being much smaller than entire monopod. Each section appears to be around 22-23 inches long. What you can do is remove the head, but you're not going to gain much there. Looking at the parts diagram published by Manfrotto, it appears ...


Here's a picture of the underside of that plate on my 055XPROB connected to an 804RC2 3-way head - You can see a slot headed screw thread here and there are 2 more that need to be slackened to release the head (in this case an 804RC2). Also when you unscrew it you may need to turn the silver plates, not the top of the head.


There are three small set screws recessed in the bottom of the plate at the top of your tripod. You must back them off enough to allow the base of the ball head to be rotated. Be sure the middle shaft of the tripod is tightened or you might be rotating the entire shaft. And grip the base of the ball head below the "ball".


I've got a Manfrotto 190-series tripod with the horizontal arm, and I can attest to the utility and convenience of this arm design; however, I've found that using this arm just to flip the camera by 90 degrees isn't a typical use case. Most tripod heads can do this on their own, simply by laying the camera over on its side, and if you've got an ...


I have the 055CXPRO3 which looks identical except that its carbon fibre. It's fantastic, and very lightweight. So if you are after lightweight, consider the CX version. The main weight comes actually with the head, but a magnesium head also takes care of that (I have the MH054M0-Q2). The combination of the 055CXPRO3 and MH054M0-Q2 is strong, robust, and ...


I've put mine back together a few times after one of the dividers keeping it from falling apart failed, so in theory you could do it. But it's not worth the trouble, and leaves the monopod weak and prone to falling apart on you again when you don't want it to. It also increases the total volume you'll be taking with you, for very little reduction in the ...


You are missing a part. The one that goes between the head and tripod. All you need is to by the one that makes the connection possible. Most heads use either a 3/8" or 1/4" thread. You have to check with the 400DXL because I've never seen one. The 546B uses a 75mm fitting, so you need to find one of those with the thread for your head. If you buy multiple ...

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