Napioa - Wind Origins

Napioa - Wind Origins
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Remove the supplemental lens from the phone-camera. On a sunny day, hold the lens between a white sheet of paper and the sun. The lens will project a tiny image of the sun on the paper. You start with the lens touching the paper and slowly increase lens to paper distance. When the image of sun is a tiny spot of light, the distance lens to paper is measured ...


Focal length is the distance between the focus point on the lens and the plane of the image sensor. For example a 50mm lens set to focus at 10 ft has 50 mm between if's focus point and the sensor and 10 ft from focus point to subject.


There are two "magnifications" which are related to addon lenses: the maximum magnification achievable in combination with a given camera and relative (optical) magnification. To know maximum magnification (ratio between object size and image size at focal plane) you need to photograph a ruler parralel to the frame as close as possible and then divide the ...

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