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I've had success in the past with CCTV lenses mounted to webcams in place of their original lenses. The tricky part is securely and accurately mounting the two together - we had a part machined for one application, but I've also used the front of a dead CCTV camera and lots of glue. The positioning has to be correct in three dimensions to work well. As ...


It would be possible to use any small telescope or monocular or one side of binocular. You figure out a way to allow mount one of these devices to your webcam. The lens of the webcam is positioned to peer into the telescope/binocular. This method is called "afocal". The name comes from the fact that the image forming rays from the telescope/binocular exit ...


A numerical example For years 35mm film cameras dominated. The image size was 24mm by 36mm. let us assume we want a 20mm high image of a 2,0 m high object at a distance u in front of the camera. Provided u is at least 10 times bigger than the focal length f, the ratio of image height to object height is approximately f/u, thus 20mm/2m = f/u, hence ...

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