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I'm not writing 12 separate procedures (DL-install/use x GUI/CLI x OSX/Windows/Linux). That's not a reasonable request for an SE question. I will cover using a Windows GUI. Personally, I am on OSX, and I use the Lightroom plugin for cr2hdr. The utility you want to run the files through is cr2hdr. Links to the source code, and all the different GUI and CLI ...


It is a simple fact that Canon cameras with Magic Lantern installed have a slower start-up time. There is nothing you can do to improve the start-up time.


Magic Lantern is a 3rd party software for Canon Cameras. Because of this, all the software builds are experimental and sometimes unstable. This can make it very hard to diagnose why it "responds more slowly than usual". To try and fix the responsiveness issues I would try the following: 1. Completly restore the Camera using the original firmware and then ...

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