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The problem is that with a reverse macro adapter, the lens loses all electrical connection with the camera and thus its aperture will stay in the default setting, which is usually the smallest possible aperture that gives you very little light. If the lens does not have manual aperture control, I heard that you can get an "aperture control attachment", not ...


Actually instead of holding the apeture lever or using an aftermarket adapter you can use your DOF preview button or live view when the lens is connected properly. Then without shutting the camera off, pop the lens off and your apeture should stay where you had it set while it was connected properly. Much easier and I have used this trick with a d3100, ...


Depending on the lens used and the amount of extension it may not be possible to achieve focus at all. When you use extension rings you lose the ability to focus at infinity in exchange for the ability to focus behind the lens' normal minimum focusing distance. However, the new maximum focusing distance could be behind the front element of the lens if you ...


You might check B&H or Adorama for a new or used 55mm Micro Nikkor. They're usually available for less than $400 new or under $200 used. It's a manual focus lens, which should work fine for your use, and is tack sharp. Here's some good info:


There are various general considerations when buying a macro lens. What is compatible with my camera? Nikon's macro lenses include the word Micro in their name and their current line up can be found here. From those you would need an AF-S lens or you will not be able to use autofocus. What level of magnification are you looking achieve? The smaller the ...


Yes there are "super" macro lenses available. A macro lens usually provides up to 1x magnification, i.e. it can focus close enough to project an image onto the sensor that is life size. Super macro lenses go beyond 1x. The most widely available off the shelf super-marco is the Canon MP-E 65mm which offers up to 5x magnification. Using this lens on an ...


There are a few routes I think you can go with this but extension tubes, ring lights, and focus stacking are probably the most practical for your constraints (i.e must use DSLR). In the past, I used a fiber optic light to tightly control my light source. I used an older variant ...


Your best bet would be a fiber-optic camera. Depending on your budget, you might be able to get a crappy one on ebay for around $100 or you could spend upwards of 6k at

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