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The RX100 requires a minimum of camera raw 7.2 Photoshop CS2 supports camera raw versions 3.0-3.7 So you don't need a new computer, but you need a much more recent version of Photoshop(CS6 or ...


Well, you've certainly run into "The Photoshop Tax" on new cameras. :) To get Photoshop/ACR to open a RAW file directly, it must be a new enough version that groks the RAW of the camera model. And since RAW is not a file format or a standard, and changes with each camera model, and Adobe has no time-travel capability, this means a version of ACR that came ...


Short answer: Hardware upgrades: (perhaps) more memory. Why? It can reduce the need for swapping/fallback on storage. (perhaps) a secondary SSD Why? It can be used as scratch disk and/or library disk etc. in order to offload the OS disk. A slow OS disk can have a general impact in speed of the system (think about swapping) not only on load/save ...


You say you installed on 2 different Macs. Do they both have the slowness problem? Two possible causes: The installation didn't go well and some files were incorrectly installed. When LR tries to load them, internal failures happen, and the whole process becomes slower. Can you open/use every single preset? You installed too many presets. The more presets ...

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