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I use both an iMac and Macbook for my workflow as well. I've found the best solution is to have smart previews on both workstations and to transfer the catalog between both on a thumb drive. I currently have over 50K images in my library and they only take up around 12 GB as smart previews so I can still edit on the fly on my Macbook and not have to use a ...


Use Cubby. Cubby has a product very similar to Dropbox, but the local sync does not need the Internet to work. I have kept three macs synced for years using this method. I keep the Lightroom catalogs and smart previews on the SSD, and the images on an external hard drive. (


I should preface my response with: my workflow involves two computers, two editors, plus an external editing company. What works for me though, may not work for you and certainly won't work for everybody. I import every image from an event/job to a master catalog on my iMac, where it's synced to a series of rotating backup disks. Once the images have all ...


One possibility is to set up the iMac as a server and then just log into your account on that machine via the MacBook. That would keep all files on the iMac, so no syncing necessary. Might not be as speedy as having local copies of the files, but it's conceptually simple and eliminates the possibility of synchronization problems.

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