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I really don't understand well what is your experiment. There are a lot of factors to consider, for example diffraction, which varies depending on the size of the aperture for example. To "increase" the light source (optimize, actually) I would recommend a parabolic mirror. A headlight of a car could work. Another option is not to use a led light but a ...


It depends on what you actually need, and what you actually want. You need some combination of exposure, such that the aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity can actually capture an image of some kind. What you want follows from this, and informs your choices. How much noise is acceptable? How much of the object needs to be lit? (i.e., is is acceptable ...


The easiest answer is "time". You don't need to amplify anything: you just need to collect it for longer. The overall exposure of your photo is the amount of ambient light that is accepted through the camera's aperture for the amount of time the shutter is open. Presuming that your object doesn't move, simply take either one long exposure or a sequence of ...

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