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You can look at dXomark to see how much better low-light exposure you can expect. The numbers should compare within a brand and technology, even if they somehow don't tell the whole story.


Without knowing what you've already tried, I'll give some suggestions which might help (although the're not specific to the 350d). Use a fast lens with the f-stop wide open (f/1.8 for example) - your 50mm lens should be ideal. Use flash if possible. Shoot in RAW mode with the highest quality setting. Use a tool like adobe lightroom for post-processing. ...


You have a light smudge or a very minor abrasion on the surface of your lens, running at 90 degrees to the direction of the highlight smearing you are seeing. It probably won't be visible on the lens unless you get the angle of the light just right. If it's a smudge, a good cleaning (with a good cleaner - use tissues or fabric designed for the purpose and a ...

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