Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper

Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper
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As inkista says, much brighter light on a white background will approach what you want. It is common to "select" objects or areas in post processing and add backgrounds of choice. This method has prose and cons. As an alternative you can use an editor to replace a colour within a certain range with another colour. If the chosen background colour range does ...


The first part is easy. 1) On a sunny day, find a wall that recives direct sunlignt. Put a big sheet of white paper or a bed sheet. Use this as a background. 2) Hold an umbrella above your head so you do not recive direct sunlight. 3) Take your photo. What's the correct light settings for a self-portrait photo? Oh dear. Luky for us there are no ...


As the other posters have said, you need the background lit brighter than the subject (you.) One way to do this without any extra equipment is if you have a large window. Face away from the window on a bright day with the curtains open. Expose and color balance for the inside lights; the outdoors will be so much brighter that it will blow out to white. ...


I can't talk specifically about self portraits, but I have had some success using camera mounted bounce flash and a bed sheet. Put my results next to those from a professional studio and the difference is clear, but on their own they stand up fairly well. If you have access to any sort of off camera lighting you should be able to do better, as others have ...

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