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Taking a look at page 78 of the manual as far as I can tell your camera does not have any option to extend beyond 8 seconds in camera. I also don't see an option for a remote control or shutter release that would give that ability. You could(and should) stack multiple 8 second exposures in post processing though. Take a look at this existing question: How ...

1 Try This. Because phone camera is no aperture, so not really long exposure Although not a true long exposure, but the effect is very similar


According to these specifications published by Fuji, the longest shutter speed possible in Auto Mode is 1/4 second. In all other modes the longest possible shutter speed setting is 8 seconds. The instructions for manually selecting the shutter speed using Shutter Priority Mode can be found on page 27 of the S2900 Series Owner's Manual. Instructions for ...

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