Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway

Nidelva river through Trondheim Norway
by Saaru Lindestokke                

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Hit the button underneath the zoom adjuster that looks like multiple photos. Then select the proper shot setting.


Trial and error will get you into the ballpark with longer exposures, just as it does with smaller ones. It simply might take you a little longer. However. Simply getting a well-exposed night time shot with a 50mm on full frame won't get you anything like that Pasant image. He also used full frame. With a 24mm lens. And from the way the colors are popped ...


Now i am going to try some long exposure photography. For example i want to shoot the skyline in night where the buildings are well lit but still get a night feeling. How do i determine what shutter speed i should use ? You can continue to use the trial and error method you've been using, and that's fine, but with long exposures each test shot can take ...


A different approach to tripod-free long exposures is HandlePod. Hold it by hand against any solid object or attach it with the elastic cord. It is pocket size and weighs just 4 oz.


While for long exposures is not that a problem, still you don't want to ruin a 10 minutes shot by accidentally moving the camera while pushing the button again to end the exposition. So, instead of messing with the button itself, your camera has a nice IR receiver that doesn't request you to buy an IR Remote at all if your smartphone happens to have IR ...


Just use 'live view'. And enable touch shutter. And take pictures via touch shutter. Edit: In case you are wondering, I have the same model and that's what I do.


Yea... you can check out ebay or any local shop that sells camera equipment. You get wired remotes with a display screen that lets u take extremely long exposures (ranging from few seconds to 99 hours). These are best for exposures. Specially long ones. I take milky way shots so i use this remote to avoid any shake in my images.


You don't need to buy a wireless remote — you can buy a wired remote. For just a trigger button with a lock (to hold the button down), you can find 3rd party wired shutter releases for under $10 US, such as from Vivitar, Pixel, Vello, and other brands.


You can, for very little money, build your own wired remote control, eg. by following these instructions, or any others that a google search for "canon diy remote" brings up. This remote has a momentary action switch, and a two way switch for arbitrarily long exposures. I successfully made such a remote with my own two left hands.


In order to determine the longest shutter time you can use without getting star trails you must calculate the angle of view (AoV) your images have with the setup you are using. With a camera attached to a telescope there are several variables that will affect the angle of view shown in the resulting images. This is a little difficult to calculate because ...

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