Sunset in Kruger

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I would have taken many pictures on a tripod, aligned them (e.g. using the align_image_stack program) and then taken the average of the pictures. This can yield better results than using an ND filter as aligning the images will correct for slight movements of the camera orientation, e.g. due to wind.


Sorry, the P520 will only expose for up to 8S at ISO100. For 200 and 400 it's 4 seconds, decreasing to 1/2 second max at HI1 ~ISO64000) This is very disappointing and is teh weakest aspect of an otherwise excellent camera IMHO.


You will have to mount camera to ceiling, or floor. Mount to something as stationary as your objects of interest (e.g. dashboard), so car floor should be good enough. That is if you are talking about shooting inside the car. Googling might give you more ideas on how that can be achieved.


There is simply too mich light. You can use ND filters to reduce the amount of light that reaches the sensor.


A couple of useful resources on this: I use the Vari-ND style filter but I know photographers who go the other route. Either works, with practice. What you need to decide is how useful the color enhancement is. My view is that there are times it's ...

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