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The Roosevelt Island Tram is a great choice, especially for getting close-ups of the Midtown East skyline. The tram operates all day and well into the night. I don't think there is an official policy on tripods, but on the other hand I doubt you'll be able to use one given that the tram will be packed. Note that the view will be obstructed by glass, but it's ...


Top of the Rock. Nice view of Empire State and Manhattan. The upper deck has just a low fence. Empire State is great during the night because it has a view towards Time Square and is much less busy then. Instead of a tripod, carry a bean bag.


Depending on "high" in elevation there are free public places that will, if nothing else, get you above street level, with views over streets and long avenues. These include the High Line Park, which is usually open till a couple of hours after sunset depending on the season, or Tudor City, above 42nd Street, which is a street and open 24 hours. There's ...


The most obvious one has a spectacular view of the city: the Empire State Building. The observation deck is fenced, but in such a way that you can fit a camera lens through and it's open until 2:00 AM (last elevator ride up is 1:15 AM). Anyways, plenty of detail on their website and I definitely recommend it.

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