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As martinerk0 said, you could have less noise by increasing the exposure time of the live view at the cost of a low frame rate. But to do that, you have to hack the software. What you can do instead of hacking the software (and what you are probably already doing), is take a picture with no noise, see the result, correct... and so on, by trial and error. ...


Your LCD only outputs data from camera sensor. It could be possible to tweak software so sensor would capture more exposed scene, but at the cost of low framerate ( because exposure would have to be longer ) . If there is not much light, camera software can only incease ISO, which is artificially increasing sensitivity of sensor, hence producing noise, while ...


Go into the menu system and look at the fourth page from the left. You should see AF mode, second option down. Select this and you will see three options, Live mode, :-) Live mode and Quick mode. Chances are your camera is set to :-) Live mode which is the face detection mode, select one of the other two modes and your boxes should disappear.

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