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Sounds like a definite issue with the camera there. I would advise taking it along to your local friendly camera dealer and see what they say. They may be able to send it off to Nikon on your behalf to get it repaired properly.


This is obviously not normal operation, and neither should you debug yourself. Get a Nikon technician and have him fix this.


There are two different types of Autofocus in most DSLR's. There is PDAF (or phase detect autofocus) and CDAF (contrast detect autofocus). PDAF uses a special focus sensor to measure the phase of the light coming from different parts of the lens (which is much faster) while CDAF uses the actual image sensor to look for the highest contrast it can get ...


To quote from your camera's manual (page 118): "The dedicated AF sensor is used to focus in the One-Shot AF mode (p.66), using the same AF method as with viewfinder shooting. Although you can focus the target area quickly, the Live View image will be interrupted momentarily during the AF operation." More specifically, what it does is to briefly put the ...

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