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I use Lightroom to "develop" the RAW files, and put up with the way to point it at the current directory. The .xmp files can be witten to the same dir as the raw. I think DxO has a program that can do that, too, on sale at the moment. I'm looking at it as a suppliment but I think it can do all the exposure settings too.


Get DXO Optics Pro and dump Lightroom, that's the best advice you can get, trust me. I felt the same way. Catalogue sucks big time, in DXO I have already my work done while in LR it's just Importing photos... And the details and noise reduction are clearly superior in DXO. Just be sure to get DXO v9 and above, it really shines from 9.5 IMHO.


Now with Lightroom 5 you can do it automatically in lens correction


The Facebook Graph API looks like it should do the trick, or at least extract the captions for you. I don't have any experience with this particular API, but full documentation is there, and it looks like you can obtain captions (name): ...


I don't think there's a way to do this. Whether you delete the files from the disk or not, if you delete them in the Lightroom catalog, you've deleted the edits from the database. Restoring the database might work, if you'd backed it up, but as you say, since this was all in the same session between backups, there's nothing to back up from. As a sidenote, ...


Maybe a combination of Keywords and Colors (or Keywords and Ratings) might work if Lightroom's keyword support falls short. For example, you could set up your smart collection to match all the conditions, with the conditions including a Keyword of _shutterstock and a Color of green for accepted. YMMV depending on whether you already have other uses for ...


It isn't really "stuck" in the past. The release of Camera Raw and Lr can be out of step on occasion, but rarely for more than a few weeks. Most of the time, they are released as updates on the same day, as was the case for CR 8.7 and Lr 5.7. I recall that the minor release numbers of both related products are set to match on purpose. For older releases of ...


No - You cannot upgrade only the camera raw portion of LR separately from the software as a whole. The workaround is exactly what you proposed - using the free converter to DNG. This is how Adobe keeps you upgrading. If you get a new camera, you may also need to upgrade your Adobe software unless you want to change your workflow(use the free converter, stop ...


This is well answered by Unapiedra, but I thought I might add a bit more about RAW itself. A RAW file, whatever format it comes in (NEF on nikon) is a big stack of data. It's not even just one image: it actually contains a small jpeg "preview" which is what you saw on the back of your camera, and what some editing programs (like Aperture) make the loading ...


I would hope that the only files corrupted are those that were being copied; since you don't delete the file from the card until after the file is verified to be written correctly, you can repair the file system re-copy all the files from the card, including those that are already there, since the old copy may be bad abd the copy-over is OK. fix the LR ...


No, it does not matter where your JPEG comes from. Editing a JPEG degrades its quality. The reason that JPEG is not suited to editing has to do with the way the data is saved in JPEGs, not whether the camera produced the JPEG or Lightroom did. I suggest you read the many excellent answers on this site that explain why raw is better than JPEG for editing. ...


If you want to change pixels non-destructively (as many times as you want) then Lightroom is your game. If you want to move pixels (in more ways than you can imagine) then its Photoshop for you. Check out this for a full explination


Here's how I'd do this: o Mount both drives on the computer. o Fire up Lightroom and create a new catalog. o Choose import and select the first drive to import. Let it crunch away, go get a coffee o Repeat for the second drive. Now all images in both drives are in the Lightroom catalog where you can manipulate them. o make sure your third drive is ...


Protip for the mac version run the Lightroom executable directly from the command line. For me this means running /Applications/Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Photoshop Lightroom 5 and exposed for me: $ "/Applications/Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Photoshop Lightroom 5" <snip> 2014-11-19 19:08:10.535 Adobe ...

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