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1) I have never seen any official information, but various people close to the LR development team indicated at numerous occasions that LR is internally using color space that they named Melissa, which has gamut of ProPhoto RGB, but different gamma. 2) No devices support entire ProPhoto RGB, but many, especially modern inkjet printers, exceed sRGB and even ...


This bug has been fixed from version 5.3 onward. You can download the latest Windows version here. You can download the latest Mac version here.


Apparently this was the result of an improper OS-level color management setting. Following these instructions fixed it!


Most probably the JPEG has a color profile inside which is taken in account by Lr but ignored by other JPEG viewers. To check if this is the case download any free JPEG viewer which supports ICC and look at the image with and without ICC support. If you don't know any such viewer (as it seems) here are the steps: Download XnView MP (it is free) Go to ...


You can have your original Image stored on your NAS Location, while your catalogue is on your local harddrive. If your NAS is not available, you can still search for your pictures, and if you have created Smart Previes, also edit them. The key is, you should have both locations available inside Lightroom and move the files within the application. That way ...


What I used to migrate my 120K+ library over to Lightroom was a new tool called Aperture Exporter. In addition to preserving the metadata, it has features to automatically generate JPEGs and TIFFs for adjusted photos so that your final outputs are retained. It also embeds "album" keywords into the metadata so that you can create Lightroom collections to ...


Why would doing this manually take a lot of time? Place a camera on a tripod at a fixed place. Put down two pieces of tape to define the front and left side placement of the box. This will ensure that all boxes have the same orientation and left most starting point. Place each box on the mark and take the photo. This is far easier than trying to adjust ...

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