Sunset in Kruger

by MrFrench

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You only need one rule: File Name / Type → Copy Name = isn't empty.


In Lightroom 5 a photo can have three copyright states: I assume that, when you say my copyright information wasn't being applied automatically, the copyright status was not being set to Copyrighted. You can create a Smart Collection that searches for all photos with a copyright state that is not copyrighted:


Although you can't capture the true beauty of sunset light you can do a somewhat realistic effect in Lightroom. You need to scroll down on the sidebar until you reach split-toning. In there you should see sliders. You then set the highlights to a gold-ish colour (you can tweak this) change the balance to something in the region of 60-100. and the shadows to ...


Lightroom does not touch the original file. Like every other edit in Lightroom, it keeps edit 'recipes' in the Lightroom database. Any rotation changes you make within Lightroom will be recorded in the Lightroom database, but they will not be made to the original image, so you can easily reset the image in Lightroom to the state it was in import. When you ...


You can also use an median blending (create image stack and apply the "Median" stack mode) File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack Select all layers and use Edit > Auto Align to align them (if necessary) Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Object Layer > Smart Objects > Stack Mode and choose Median Discussion of this and other methods here: Does ...


Since both the camera and your computer are displaying the same file, the problem likely isn't in the way your applications, EOS Utility 2 and Lightroom 3, are handling the files. The issue is most likely in the way the camera's display system and the computer's display system are handling the files. You can't do much about the camera's display system, ...


Turns out the preferences file was corrupted. Renaming preferences in AppData (on windows) allowed the templates to work correctly again.


Essentially this is a color management issue. Lightroom uses the ProPhoto RGB color space in the Develop module that you are in. It is likely that you are exporting the image using a different color profile like sRGB. It is also possible that your Color Profile setting for windows is set to sRGB and that is what Windows Photo Viewer is using. Note that in ...


When you stack images for the purpose of noise reduction, you shouldn't use blending. Use opacity to mix the layers to get the average: Layer 1 50% Layer 2 100% For more layers you use an opacity of 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 etc.: Layer 1 20% Layer 2 25% Layer 3 33% Layer 4 50% Layer 5 100%

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