Westminster fountain at sunset

by Jorge Córdoba

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In the Comparison view you have the "Select" image on the left and "Candidate" image on the right. By clicking on either image you will get a white border/line around the image. It's only this image that the "X" key will act upon, not both. If it's the "Select" image then it will be flagged as rejected, if its the "Candidate" image then it will be flagged ...


In Lightroom: Adjust one photo the best you can. Play with white balance, tint. If you want, you may perform other adjustments that yo may want to apply to all the photos. I suggest sharpening, noise reduction and lens correction (if all the photos are taken with the same lens and at the same focal length). Contrast and tone curve. Spend enough time with ...


Just figured this out! You have to be in Library mode; there is a little curved arrow below each pic, that's what you use to rotate the orientation.

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