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feels wrong to clog up my folders with thousands of xmp files that I'll probably never use You say "Lightroom CC," by which I assume you also have Photoshop. Every time you say "Edit in Photoshop," you use the XMP data. Photoshop loads it when it loads the photo, and then saves it back out when you save the edited photo. When you tell Lightroom to "Edit ...


So, are there any downsides to activating this option? Some people apparently experience minor performance impact when the data is written to the disk. I see no difference on an SSD. Obviously, you will have your folders littered with XMP files with Adobe specific data and questionable usefulness outside of LR/ACR.


The issue is likely with Lightroom, which has seen significant slowdowns in import function. Adobe announced that v6.3/CC 2015.3 has been released to resolve these issues, by basically returning to its older import code.

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