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Collections are an alternate way to organize (and far superior in my opinion).They are not required. Collections are created independent of where an image is located, and can be created by physically dragging photos into a collection manually, or can be created via metadata, such as Camera Maker, Date, Lens type, etc. I recommend you keep your existing ...


Lightroom uses ProPhotoRGB/Melissa only in Develop module. The rest of the app apparently uses AdobeRGB. With regards to the brightness of those three images, I took the ProPhoto version and converted it to sRGB in a photo editor. They look pretty much identical, no difference in brightness. So if there is a difference in the sample images, either this is a ...


I checked in Lightroom CC 2015.1.1 and you can choose from two options for sorting: Sort by name Sort by Kind It's on the Adobe help website as well (https://helpx.adobe.com/lightroom/help/photo-collections.html) which confirms that it sorted the name alphabetically. It doesn't say anything about by Kind but that also sorted within the same kind by name ...


Lightroom uses Melissa as its color space, however it renders the image to your monitor color space. For many people this is close to sRGB. If your monitor is sRGB when you render to sRGB the prints will look the same. If you render to a printer with a wider gamut the prints will look different.


I dunno. I'm not sure if it's changed in v 8 but you're right, C1P's implementation of keywording was lame. Media Pro does have hierarchical keywords, but it's an organizer, and seems to be languishing a bit at Phase One. There's a demo though, so why not try it yourself? It's horrid on the Mac, but maybe better on a PC. I also liked Capture One's out of ...


I turned on the option "Include Develop settings in metadata inside JPEG" in Lightroom. What this option basically does is saving the recipe to reproduce all the Adjustments you made within the JPG File in an XML-Format, instead of creating a so-called sidecar file. Is there any program that I can invoke as an external editor, that can read the ...

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