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Open the Metadata panel in Library view for the Copy, you will see a section called 'Copy Name'. Simply change the name there. However, you can't, as far as I know, apply any automation or sequence numbers at import or creation of copies. You can add sequence numbers to Copies on Export, which has a function to automatically rename Copies with a sequence ...


I'm not sure what you're referring to. In Lr 6 if I create a virtual copy of a file named img_1234.jpg Lr designates that as Copy 1; there's no file name because a virtual copy isn't a file. You'll see the "Copy name" field under "File name" in the Metadata panel. If I export a FILE to the same folder as the original FILE then I get a naming conflict; ...


You might also take a look at John Ellis' Any Filter plugin. It allows a search that can distinguish an explicit keyword only (the bottom one of the hierarchy, like Place. But then it can also use a criterion "subkeyword of" which I would think you could use to distinguish the places by only finding the subkeyword of "subject matter." But couldn't you just ...


When I am faced with such a problem, I put something easier to match in as an un-exported synonym for the keyword: Now I can search for Contains Words → !shotfrom and be certain of finding only photos that are missing a LOCATION keyword, as opposed to a SUBJECT MATTER > Location keyword. That's a little-known trick there, by the way: Contains ...

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