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( I am not in front of Lightroom right now, so I cannot test it) I would do the following: From within Lightroom: Do a "synchronize folder" (right click on a folder) on a folder in which you know you have removed images. If there are images (not only raw) that are not in the current catalog, they will be re-imported and placed in the "Previous Import" ...


Lightroom has three 'data' items: Lightroom Catalog Lightroom Preview database Images The Lightroom Catalog holds information about the images, plus pointers to where they are on disk, and usually small previews. There are no images or RAW files in this Catalog. The Lightroom Preview database contains larger previews for each of the images cataloged in ...


Just don't export every single image separately. Do all your edits in Lightroom and just select all photos and export with a preset. When the first preset is done, just export with the second preset, and so on. Just create presets with naming and file formats, sizes beforehand. Then, the next time you export all selected photos, you can use (for example), ...


You can use the navigator-windows (left upper corner). Clicking on the small picture change the selected part of your image -> lightroomkillertips.com


Try holding down the spacebar while the tool is selected

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