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Well I don't know if that is what you want to achive or a result of a photo of yours you want to improve. I will only coment that for low key photos probably the shoot through umbrellas are not the best option becouse they spill a lot of light. I'm imagining the violin and the face photo, and I supose you want more contrast, the dark side of the face as ...


Just me, but I'd say, you're missing the skills and practice, not the tools. Your gear is a pretty good basic three-light setup (assuming you just didn't feel like listing the stands and swivels). You have umbrellas, and a 24" softbox, and while they might be a little small, they're still pretty decent-sized. The main thing you have to learn here is that ...


Since none of the objects is in movement, It is not necessary to have a strong light source. A regular one, a tripod and a long exposure can render the results. Using a continuous light source I would use a transparent incandescent bulb, since they produce a very harsh light. The camera is to be set for a long exposure and in "tungsten" or "incandescent" ...


There is the "open-flash" technique, where the camera shutter is kept open while an external flash unit is fired in several directions or multiple locations, though moving the flash has to be done in darkness. This worked better with film than with digital cameras that accumulate noise. The modern approach is to take mulitple photos from a tripod and ...


Photography is not about how much gear costs. Its about light. The ilumination That is a 4 light setup. 1 hard light on a "Rembrant" position to the right. 2 side lights (one on each side) Looks hard light to me. 1 Background light. If you do that with 4 incandescent lightbulb, speed lights or studio flashes, dosen't matter. There is this YongNuo ...

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