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For dim deep sky objects the answer is pretty much "none". For brighter objects such as planets the answer is, "It depends." How much an out of frame moon will affect astrophotography shots depends on a variety of factors: Altitude, the amount of water vapor and/or particulates in the atmosphere, the angle between the moon and the center optical axis of the ...


You can achieve that bright look by using a slower shutter speed like 1/40 or slower with the sun not touching the sensor of your camera and the subject. You can experiment with the aperture. You actually don't need any editing to achieve the look. Hope this helps!


It is correct to consider the light reflected a form of illuminance, but the term is usually used in the context of how much light energy is falling on a sensor in Lux, lumens or foot candles. Luminance is a measure of the intensity of something that is a brightness component of a scene. Another way to look at this in real life is the CIELAB color space. ...

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