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Nice questions! Here is what I did to take the following photos Choose your room. It should be dark. I took my photos at night with only the candles lighting the area. Set up your still life in an arrangement that you are satisfied with. I used a serving tray table to provide easy movement of the arrangement to the background. The background, you ...


They don't need flash. In bulb mode, a long exposure would bring plenty of light. The model would have to stay firm at least 3 hours for that much movement of the stars. I think is possible only with a low light long exposure and photoshop balance


One possibility is the combination of a long exposure time + flash; you do the long exposure for the sky and, at the end of the exposure, you use a flash/strobe to expose the house/model (in this case). Of course you have to take into account the placement of the flash, so it wouldn't shine directly at your lens, but I believe this is possible.


As previously stated, your best shot is with backlight. I would say candle between the objects you want to photograph and a wall. Since candles are likely to be dimmer than artificial light, I would not consider using the last ones if you still want the candles to have their own effect. My guess is that if you light the candles and let them illuminate your ...


Since you like to create a silhouettes, you will need to backlight your subjects. Backlight as it name, basically mean puting the light source behind your subject. In your case, you will want to put the candles behind the subjects. If you like a clean background of your subject then backdrop will be needed to have if you are unable to find a suitable ...

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