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In principle you could, you just need an app that allows you to take multiple shots in a regular sequence without large gaps. Then you can stitch them using a software like those used for star trails. (E.g. First google hit). You will need something like a tripod to keep the phone steady. Actually, there is an app that does the job for you, it's called Slow ...


Simply point out a thumb and check its shadow over the palm of your other hand. If the shadow is very sharp, the light is harsh. If diffused, the light is soft. Further, you can safely assume the light from a small source will be always hard compared to light from a huge lighting source. Another thing would be, the far away the light source(even) if its ...


Matt Grum's answer is the golden ticket answer. That rule of thumb method will work most of the time, but eyes work differently to photographs, and sometimes our eyes adapt to the light and we can't make out the shadows as definitely as they would be represented in a photograph. Here are a couple more tangible approaches that I use. For digital photography ...

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