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I hope this question gets a lot of answers because it is a complex situation. My two cents are: 1) The obvious. Have a very fast lens, and I mean a very fast lens. 2) Use the bigger ISO your camera can give you. Probably one ISO less than the maximum. It is somehow easier to remove noise than a moved photo. 3) Shoot in raw. You probably can underexpose 1 ...


Are there any effective alternatives to the traditional lighting? Set your standard lighting up as an isolated studio in a corner of the hall, or in another room nearby. You will need a "wrangler" to go out into the crowd and gather up suitable pairings, groups, etc. and bring them to you. Ideally, you want two of them, one from each family, since they ...


Hopefully you shot raw. Then you can come a long way with 3 mechanics: highlights down to bring out more detail in the sky vs snowy mountains shadows up, to make hte details in the gorge more visible for the human eye. if noisy in black part because visible, adjust black level down to remove that. clarity up. when people are in thw photo clarity over 15 ...


I wouldn't change the image at all. You could lift the shadows slightly with the shadows slider or even increase the exposure(which would require compensation of highlights to save the sky), but I don't think this image needs either. If you did lift the shadows it would all start to look pretty mute which to me is not desirable. You have more options if ...


You are most likely looking for "Cross-Processing." You can find many plug-ins that should replicate the effect. You can also grab a freebie that should do what you want from "Perfect Effects".


First thing to do is to walk up to a mirror and look at your reflection. What do you see? Do you see one nice crisp image? No you dont. You see 2 images. So basically you need to find a surface silvered mirror like the one in a SLR camera or use a prism and deal with refraction . Unless you know optics the former will be easier but alignment is critical.


Prisms have fewer air-to-glass transitions than a series of mirrors, and therefore better image quality. This is why SLRs and DSLRs with pentaprism viewfinders are usually preferred over pentamirror finders — although the latter are lighter and cheaper, both of which can also be significant advantages.


Based on an update in the comments it looks like you're trying to build some kind of stereoscopic mount or device to capture two images in one exposure. A prism offers better light transmission. Mirrors are significantly lighter. Mirrors offer some ability to modify their geometry. Mirrors are significantly cheaper to produce. Which is right for you ...


I did some experimenting in order to answer basically this for myself in the question Is the Deflector Plate recommended when using a Westcott Rapid Box with the cover on? — where the "Rapid Box" in question is an internal-umbrella style softbox as you describe. Here's one of my experiments from that answer: You can see that with the bare flash, the ...

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