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For star trails (which is one type of astrophotography), light pollution has one major impact and some lesser impacts. The prime impact is that light pollution will make less stars visible. Less stars visible means less trails and usually as a result, a somewhat 'sparse' sky in the image. I have seen nice images over populated areas but they have only a few ...


Depending on the target you are interested in imaging and the sensor you are using, you may be able to use a variety of filters. If you are interested in emission nebula, then usually a contrast-enhancing filter helps. These come in two strengths usually, a lower strength that lets more of the continuous light through (which helps keep star colors intact) ...


I would start at the International Dark Sky Association. They have detailed maps for North America and also a link to the Blue Marble Navigator for the rest of the world. Although a little older, I find these maps of North America more readable.


There is a lot of thing out in the atmosphere, clouds are visibles but some vapor and dust are here even when the sky looks clear. The fact is that all that stuff has the effect of reflecting and diffusing light, so does also the air itself. For a very bright source the overall effect is a diffuse blue light, yep that's why the sky is blue by diffusing ...

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