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Thanks for everyone's answers. In the end I've based my quote off microstock photo websites' asking price for print quality photos, which seems to be around $50 (at least on I've then decreased that a bit as I suppose the local market is somewhat cheaper and asked them to donate the money to charity. I don't have a legal entity as a ...


Another user(cmason) has already covered the aspect of attribution well. As far as pricing, I'm not going to give you a dollar figure because, it depends. What I can do is point you to a software solution that is widely accepted in the industry to be a good place to start with pricing when you aren't sure; fotoQuote - ...


Promotion in kind is valuable, if the promotion reaches your target market. So, in this case, will those viewing the images on the walls, or in the exhibits on premise, be potential future buyers of your photos? I would guess not, and I would use this in your rationale back to them. Point out who purchases your images, such as advertising, publications, art ...

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