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I look at them kind of like sandpaper for a woodworking project: The Contrast slider is the really coarse paper that you use to get in the ballpark of the final shape you want, the Levels sliders are like a medium grit that allows you to fine tune the shape and get closer to your goal, and then the Curves allow the finest control like a really fine grain ...


Yes, your assumption is correct. A levels control is basically the equivalent of a curves control that can only be adjusted at the end points and one point in the middle, while a contrast slider is (usually) the equivalent of moving both ends at the same time (although some may be more sophisticated). The curves tool gives the most flexibility, but also ...


This is really a basic "how do I do post processing" question, and it's beyond this group to do general tutorials of any length. I've linked to a couple of older questions with some links to some good resources and discussion on this topic. That said, the general answer to your question is that you don't need any specific button or slider in Photoshop or ...

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