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Lightrooms' sliders are weighted distributions. It is not as simple as "Whites" are 127-255, "Blacks" are 0-127. The distributions are weighted, and different sets of sliders affect different ranges in different ways. Whites affects a broad range, but obviously affects brighter tones with more weight than darker tones. Same with blacks, only it's the ...


From casual observation it would appear that each slider affects all values, however each slider affects each value to a different degree. From slightly more detailed observation: The Exposure slider affects the whole range with great effect The Black and White sliders affect he entire range, with a larger effect as you move towards the end of the scale ...


I would suggest you create an image with all 256 gray levels. Then you can move the sliders and see for yourself which values change. Your question of course assumes that these ranges are static and independent of the image in question, which might not be the case.

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