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If an adapter existed, on EF/EF-S, the lens would sit farther in front of the camera body than it's designed to, and this would be like using macro extension tubes: you'd lose the ability to focus to infinity with the lens, and it would only be good for photographing close subjects. Which is why such an adapter doesn't exist.


You cannot mount an EF-M Lens on a standard DSLR or at least it won't work the way you want it to. The EF-M lenses are designed to sit closer to the sensor than on a DLSR. There is no way to get the EF-M lens closer to a DSLR sensor because the mirror is in the way. You can however, put a DSLR lens on the EOS-M camera with what is essentially a spacer to ...


I Googled online for an answer and also asked some people at the local camera store if they had any idea. I came to know that Canon has two 2x FD extenders FD 2X-A and FD 2X-B. Apparently FD 2X-A are for lenses 300mm or higher and FD 2X-B are for lenses below 300mm. So, I took a risk and bought a FD 2X-A extender from eBay and I was able to attach the ...


Whether a metal can rust depends on the metal. Alumiunium? No. Aluminium doesn't rust in the way we'd associate with iron - the orange flakey stuff. It does have an oxidation layer, but that is simply the dull gray layer that you see on any outside surface of the aluminium and it actually protects the aluminium inside. Aluminium can't "rust" as such. ...


Although is steel, the mount can rust and you will notice that for the screws which have the paint scratched. This rusting process is amplified if the camera was in contact with sea water (salt + water). Even the water vapor in the atmosphere at the sea side may create such an effect. Can you confirm to us that you did a few shots at the seaside and did ...


As far as I know the Canon 70D lens mount is made from steel and steel will rust when exposed to water so I can't fault the reply the technician gave you! If the rust is preventing you from mounting a lens then you may have to replace the mount on the camera. Keep the camera warm and dry to prevent rust in the future. See also: Is Dry Cabinet necessary ...


think yes but you will have several disadvantage that are mainly: very low light will reach the sensor (2x extender already "remove" several LUX) only manula focus and settings (speed) aperture could be unavailable if there is no settings on the lens itself (normaly there is one on old lens) no special coating on last lens of the group, so some ghost ...

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