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Lenses are interchangeable if they are made for the same mount and cover at least the imaging circle of the camera. Unfortunately, Sony offers a lot of combinations and has even changed naming recently. They have 2 mounts, E-mount and A-mount. Both of these have APS-C or Full-Frame coverage, so there are in all 4 combinations (APS-C A-mount, Full-Frame ...


As long as the lens is a Sony E mount mirrorless lens, it should mount and be usable from the A6000. Sony A-mount dSLR/dSLT lenses, however, will require an adapter. There's a little confusion over the names, since Sony used to call their dSLR/dSLT system "Alpha" and their mirrorless system "NEX", but they've since decided to umbrella all their cameras ...


This isn't Cheap and Easy You often see people talking about how much cheaper it is to adapt older glass. Well, if all you want to use are 50mm lenses, maybe so. But the days of bargains in vintage glass pretty much disappeared when dSLRS began to do HD video and film students around the globe wanted cheap manual focus lenses of high quality (e.g., Zeiss) ...


The most important thing you'll need to know is the "lens mount" that both your lenses and your body use - examples here are Canon EF, Nikon F and Micro Four Thirds. Once you've done that, you'll need to find the flange focal distance (FFD) for both the lens and the body - handwaving slightly, the flange focal distance is how far the lens needs to be from ...


Lens is simply missing the back half. It's not a mount, just a broken lens.

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