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No, that would not be the correct adapter. The Maxxum 7000 was the first camera to use Minolta's new A-mount; quoting from Wikipedia: [The Maxxum 7000] introduced a new lens mount, the A system, breaking compatibility with its earlier manual-focus lenses in the MC and MD system. Unfortunately, it's not quite possible to make a glassless A to EF ...


The D5300 requires lenses that have a built-in motor ( in the lens ) in order to autofocus. Nikon lenses that are suitable will all have the designation "AF-S". Be careful when looking at non-Nikon lenses as they do not use the same designation and in some cases it can be very difficult to tell if a particular lens has a motor or not. The D7000 series has ...


Short answer: Yes. The models all have DX sensors, and since the lenses were bought for a D5300/D5200, they'll likely have an AF motor built in, so you won't have problems mounting them on any other Nikon DX camera, including D7000/D7100.


Canon and Nikon lens fittings are not interchangeable due to different fittings and sizing. Unless the lenses have been loaned to you then the best advice would be to sell them both and buy the equivalent lenses with Nikon fittings (assuming the Tokina is a Canon compatible version.)

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