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Minolta MD/MC (like Canon FD/FL) are not usable on dSLR/dSLT bodies without an adapter with an optical element in it to act like a short teleconverter so you can achieve focus to infinity. And a cheap one will be likely to have cheap glass, and can reduce image quality. A simple ring adapter will limit the focus capability of the lens to less than infinity, ...


MC & MD are functionally similar. Will fit on A mount with adaptor - will not infinity focus with no glass. Will infinity focus with extra lens in adaptor so quality is at mercy of adaptor. Manual operation. Probably get "focus peaking" with an eg A77. Will fit on E mount with glassless adaptor (AFAIK).


No. The Minolta/Sony Alpha mount is different from the old Minolta manual focus mount so the old manual focus lenses will not fit at all.


In general, all camera brands have their own proprietary system for connecting lenses. Modern mounts are all bayonet style, which means they twist and lock rather than needing to screw on, as older lenses did. These mounts are not interchangeable, so you'll need a lens that matches your camera bodies. Most brands have different sub-variants of their mount, ...


The lens you've linked to is the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II. It will not fit your camera, because it is a Canon EOS lens: neither the physical linkage nor the electronic contacts match those on your camera. What you're looking for is a Nikon F-mount lens. The easiest way to ensure you've got an F-mount lens is to buy a new lens that's Nikon-branded that is for ...


In general, you want to look at the lens mount. Cameras and lenses both use some standard of connector to ensure compatibility. In general, if a lens uses the same mount, it should be basically compatible, though some features may not work. For example, third party lenses may not support automatic adjustments on newer cameras without updates. Similarly, ...


Even if you could you probably wouldn't want to. The tolerance for the mount flange and the the sensor being out of alignment before you start having fairly significant problems with uniform focus across the frame is measured in micrometers. If your camera was subjected to enough force to bend the metal ring, then the engineering grade plastic to which the ...

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