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One thing long forgotten apparently is that there are flexible lenshoods, basically rubber tubes that can be extended to different lengths. While far from universal (and not designed for the purpose, they're designed for things like pressing against a window to reduce reflections), they can work for different lenses with similar but different focal lengths. ...


Lens hoods are designed according to the lens design and the lens filter diameter. For example, you can't use the same hood for both Canon 50mm 1.8 and Canon 100mm 1.8, because the first one has filter diameter 58mm and the other one 67mm. So here one hood would not be compatible for both lenses. The other thing to consider is the lens design - manufacturers ...


The lens hood is used for preventing flare from coming in from both sides of the lens. It can also prevent having not well contrasted photos. Every lens has its own hood, depending on lens construction and lens filter. For example, a 52mm filter would not fit my 100mm lens, because it has 67 mm diameter, so a hood 67mm would then fit perfectly. Also, if the ...


You can and should use it always. There is no disadvantage in principle. However, there are very rare cases, where a lens hood can be "in the way". The lens hood can block an internal flash light, for very wide angles it could even block an extra flash on top of the camera. You would then observe some black shadow at the bottom of the image. When ...


The purpose of a lens hood is to block the sun or a strong light source from hitting the front of the lens causing glare, and reducing contrast in the resulting image by scattering of the light hitting the lens at certain high angles. These are the angles the lens hood covers.


The lens hood should be kept on and point away from the lens at all times. It keeps unwanted light from entering the lens which often causes flare and it protects the front element from accidental knocks. There is no downside to having the lens hood on the right way, except for added bulk. Most people unfortunately use their lens hood in decoration ...


NO On the contrary. It is advisable using different hoods on the same super-zoom lens for different focal length. Usually the original lens hood for such lenses are ok on the short end of the zoom area. That has the shape of an ultra wide angle lens hood. In the mid of the zoom area and especially near the far edge (long focal length) this lens hood is far ...


Here's an image that may help people to visualise why lens hoods are petal-shaped.

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