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You have a light smudge or a very minor abrasion on the surface of your lens, running at 90 degrees to the direction of the highlight smearing you are seeing. It probably won't be visible on the lens unless you get the angle of the light just right. If it's a smudge, a good cleaning (with a good cleaner - use tissues or fabric designed for the purpose and a ...


Remove any filters screwed onto the front of your lens. The flat rear surface of the filter is perfect for creating reflections of light bouncing off elements in the lens, or even from the sensor stack itself. Use a lens with better anti-reflective coatings or a camera with a less reflective sensor/filter stack. Try to compose shots so that the brightest ...


You might try a different lens. The coatings on camera lenses are there to reduce internal reflections. A different lens may give you better (or worse) results.


That's exactly what the problem is, internal reflections within the lens due to a high-contrast scene (the light value of the candles will be many, many times greater than the rest of the scene). This can be challenging even for some expensive lenses. Reducing the scene contrast by increasing ambient light is one answer, either by increasing existing light ...

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