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Both Samsung and Edmund Optics use the name "Megapixel" or "MegaPixel" to describe lenses they sell for C-mount and CS-mount cameras, but in both cases the term is used like a brand name rather than a description of any technical aspect of the lens. There's also a perceptual megapixel concept developed by DxOMark to describe lens sharpness in a way that's ...


Sensors are manufactured to have a certain number of megapixels. Each photosite on a sensor, either CCD or CMOS, is used to generate a pixel based on the charge accumulated as a result of light falling on the corresponding light-sensitive area. A lens is made of continuous transparent material like glass, ceramic or plastic. There are not details on it to ...


Lenses do not have "megapixels" – they are simply glass (or some other optically clear material such as certain plastics and crystals). Only the camera's sensor has "megapixels".


The iPhone lenses are designed in-house. They are several element designs, approximately 5, and each element is a double-sided and radical aspherical element. source: Optics 241, Geometrical Optics - lecture notes.


A quick google search reveals no hard information but something like this: "The lens modules themselves bear no such identification, but Taiwanese manufacturers Largan Precision and Genius Electronic Optical have been named as suppliers for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 -- with the iPhone 5 manifests also listing Japanese optical manufacturer Kantatsu." - ...

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