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Macro lenses will usually stay at a fixed focal length because A) it is difficult to focus with zoom changing B) Zoom lenses can present stability issues when close to a subject There are a few macro lenses that the photographer can "lock" at the minimum focal length.


It is not just the barrels of high quality lenses. The light boxes of the top tier cameras from both Canon and Nikon are now made of engineering grade composites (i.e. plastic). This includes models such as the 1D X and D4. Why? Because those materials can be engineered to be stronger, lighter, and less sensitive to expansion/contraction with changes in ...


Nikon makes a 70-180mm macro zoom lens. It focuses down to a 1:1.3 magnification ratio -- not quite what is considered "true macro" -- but with the 6T close-up lens it gets to 1:1. Supposedly quite good, though I have no first-hand experience.


It depends on how you define fixed and variable. As you change the focus distance of many prime lenses, including some macro lenses, the actual focal length changes a little bit. Most fixed focal length lens' focal lengths are defined when the lens is focused on infinity and the light focused at the film/sensor plane is colimated when entering the lens. With ...

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