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Solution found. See below. Here are the steps I took to fix the issues described. uninstalled darktable and lensfun packages via synaptic. fresh install of darktable (which also installs the dependency of lensfun 0.2.8) unpacked lensfun 0.3.0 tar into my home directory, to folder lensfun-0.3.0 $ cd lensfun-0.3.0 $ gvim data/db/slr-nikon.xml copy and insert ...


For lensfun <= 0.2.8, you may download, and extract its contents over your old database, which usually resides in /usr/share/lensfun (clean this directory first). For lensfun > 0.3.0, a simple "lensfun-update-data" on the command line, possibly with a "sudo", is enough. Both methods install the current ...

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