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You won't readily find a Canon EOS -> Nikon F or Canon FD/FL -L Nikon F adapter. There are a couple of reasons for this. The ability of a lens to focus through its entire range to infinity relies heavily upon the distance it's held from the image plane. This is known as the register distance or flange focal distance, and it's specific to each mount ...


I believe that is the one you can't do. One of the big two mounts their lenses too far from the sensor to use the other's lens system. I don't recall for sure which it is, but as there is an adapter to use Nikon lenses on an EOS body on B&H, presumably it is the Canon lenses that can't work on a Nikon body. In cases where an extension tube would work, ...


Yes, you can use that lens on an MD/MC adapter for four-thirds--any manual focus SLR lens that has an aperture ring can be used with the appropriate adapter ring. Because the lens doesn't do any electronic communication (and if it did, the adapters wouldn't translate it) any function that involves the camera "talking to" the lens doesn't happen. You must ...


Why is this? And why not? 50mm is 50mm and the adapter does not change anything (unless it is one of the very special adapters containing additional optics, like Metabones Speedbooster)


One likely possibility is that the adapter ring you're using doesn't have a pin to hold the DoF preview lever on the lens in place, so that the lens actually stops down, and despite setting the aperture with the lens's aperture ring, you're still shooting wide open. You may need to hold the DoF preview button down while you take the shot to get the aperture ...

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