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Minolta MD/MC (like Canon FD/FL) are not usable on dSLR/dSLT bodies without an adapter with an optical element in it to act like a short teleconverter so you can achieve focus to infinity. And a cheap one will be likely to have cheap glass, and can reduce image quality. A simple ring adapter will limit the focus capability of the lens to less than infinity, ...


MC & MD are functionally similar. Will fit on A mount with adaptor - will not infinity focus with no glass. Will infinity focus with extra lens in adaptor so quality is at mercy of adaptor. Manual operation. Probably get "focus peaking" with an eg A77. Will fit on E mount with glassless adaptor (AFAIK).


No. The Minolta/Sony Alpha mount is different from the old Minolta manual focus mount so the old manual focus lenses will not fit at all.


Well, there is a .45X adapter available under a number of brand names (including the original Kodak accessory in the used market) that will take it from a 38-380mm equivalent to a 17-170mm equivalent for about $50-60 new, or less used. The optics are "good enough"; the camera is a 2004-vintage 5MP machine with a 1/2.7" sensor, so you can't expect miracles. ...


No. No lens adapter or add-ons can turn a a fixed-lens, small-sensored (1/2.5" format) camera into one with an interchangeable lens mount and large (APS-C) sensor. However, the DX7590 can use a filter adapter tube so you can put a 52mm-diameter filter in front of the camera's lens. The type of filter you choose can extend function. You can get ...

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