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It should be noted that most of the calls about rights in public places don't apply to a concert, because it's a private event in a private space where access is granted on the terms of the event producers. you can't walk into an event like that and demand your rights, because the rights are what's granted you by them. Different if this is an outside event ...


In the UK, the general position is that if you're in a public place, you can take a photo of whatever you like. This is independent of whether you happen to be a member of the press or just Joe Public, and also independent of whether the subject of your photo is on private land or not. You're not going to find an actual reference to this in UK statute ...


It isn't a public event. If you don't agree to their terms (including payment of admittance) then you aren't allowed in to the event. If it is on their private property or they have exclusive rights to use the property at the time, then they can keep you out for any reason they want. They aren't forcing you to go in, so they aren't violating your rights. ...


If a person unobtrusively photographs of a public statue, monument, building, or other such work, such action will not materially interfere with any benefit anyone else might hope to receive from that work. If there are people who would like to have photographs of the monument, and none are available for sale, someone who takes such photographs and offers ...

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