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Legal issues vary by region and advice from the internet may be worth what you pay for it. This is not advice, just the rule of thumb I use. When it comes to 'editorial' use the medium is irrelevant; context is king. The purpose of a release is to provide permission for others to assign viewpoints/opinions to them in derivative works. Releases may ...


The delivery method of content is irrelevant. Paid newspaper, free newspaper, paid app, free app - it doesn't matter. It is the way the content is used that determines if it is editorial, artistic, or commercial. Editorial usage in the way you are speaking of it only applies if you hold the copyright to the image. If someone else holds the copyright, then ...


If you purchase a professional photograph (as in a print) then what you get to do is display the goods you've bought so that you and others can look at it, admire it and enjoy the memories/feelings associated with it or thoughts it provokes. At some point you may even ponder everything the photographer put into it to make it an image you love enough to ...

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