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Napioa - Wind Origins
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I'll post this here even though its in NZ so will have different rules (unless you too are from NZ). Here, notionally, rules re photography on public land are clear and very unrestrictive. In practice, event organisers may seek to limit your rights and police may assist them even when points of uncertainty are clearly explained to them. Here is what ...


If the athletes are NCAA, definitely not*. If "private event" means you needed a press pass to be able to shoot, almost certainly not (you'll find a disclaimer on the back of most press passes basically saying "we own your photos, but we're letting the publication which sent you use them"). Otherwise, maybe. Check with an attorney rather than the ...


Very simply, a licence is the legal way for you to give permission for something to happen. Offering a licence carries some weight in that if they break the terms of your licence then you would be within your rights to bring legal action(s) and restrict the use of your work. If the intent is to offer a commercial licence at an additional charge then it ...


IANAL, but you don't own the copyright to the images. You would not acquire any rights by virtue of merely retouching their photos. So no, you should not use any wording that implies you are licensing their images for commercial (or any) use.

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