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I've asked about this before and another professional photographer said that most people will expect that if they participate it will be subject to use, and that most likely if someone didn't want their photo up, would just ask you to remove it. I have found a release on another photographer's site that was for the client hiring for the photobooth, to ...


There are several different types of intellectual property, which might apply here, but I don't see any indication that they do. As you say, the specifics may depend on jurisdiction, but a lot of this is effectively global. Let's start with what definitely doesn't apply: A. Copyright. This is a product, not a creative expression. There are some cases where ...


This differs widely from one jurisdiction to another, but there are generally 2 levels of illegality" counterfeited goods (often criminal offense) goods violating patents/trademarks/general design etc (civil liability) First one happens when seller misinforms customer about the product, eg. you're buying something thinking it's Canon, but it's a fake. ...

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