Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper

Lunch atop a (Springfield) skyscraper
by andy-m                

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Believe it or not, when you book a hotel room you are also signing an agreement to certain terms and conditions. It would be advisable to review the terms and determine if you are breaking any of them before proceeding. Should you tell the hotel even if you aren't breaking any terms? It's up to you, but how would you feel about booking a model or session in ...


From Bob Atkins Photography: If you are on private property, such as in a store, shopping mall, sports arena or theater, then you need permission from the property owner to photograph. If you take pictures against instructions not to do so then the property owner has the right to ask you to stop and/or to leave. If you refuse, you can be arrested for ...


The photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution / Share-Alike license (the first is CC-BY-SA-2.0; the others are CC-BY-SA-3.0). Basically, you need a credit line with the author and license. The first photo's Summary block has a source URL of Flickr, so it is reasonable to construe that that indicates a requirement to list the originating URL ...

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