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Tethered selfies are easy to setup, or you could give a try to an "Hair Styling Head" even though that could feel creepy. My solution to this was to do party photography at a local bar to try new techniques and light modifiers. Everything had to be quite portable, but as everything i used was DIY i could deal with it and not be afraid of having it damaged. ...


Have a look if there are any local studios, groups, clubs, etc that get together to shoot models. A studio close to where I used to live used to run regular group shoots. Not only was it great for practising and shooting different models in different setups, but you could also see how other photographers interact with a model, and it was great for ...


A few people use a polystyrene head on a light stand or table, but I've not been able to find one where I am so I use a cable release and shoot myself until I have something approaching usable then call a friend in for the minimum amount of time I can. This takes longer than shooting a head on a stick, but works just as well, a chair helps you keep the ...

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