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Yes, most any notebook computer is capable of allowing you to use calibration products to adjust the output of the display. It's not GPU specific, though. Using a hardware/software solution such as Spyder or ColorMunki is dependent upon compatibility with the installed operating system. Just about any notebook computer running a Windows or Mac Operating ...


There is a diference on a graphics card and a chipset. In laptops you do not have a card but you can have a specialized chip for that. And almost all modern computers have a panel to do a basic adjustment from the manufacturer. Windows itself has a module to do that. Here is a link to do a basic calibration: ...


A "graphics card" has nothing at all to do with colour calibration, that is simply the chipset that sends a signal to the monitor/panel. The term "Graphics card" is only really applicable to full size computers, where it is removable. On 99% of LAPTOPS the graphics processor (GPU) is hard soldered to the motherboard, so you get what you get, there is no ...

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