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Your requirements are contradictory in every respect. A ruggedized compact sports and active lifestyle camera will not have interchangeable lenses and will have a small sensor, even if you can get good optics. But that's what I had on me when the "good stuff" gets sealed up in the storm bag, under Niagara Falls. I bought it for my in-laws to use and have a ...


The problem here is that once you threw in "wildlife at a distance", you pretty much nixed most everything else except for dSLRs as well as the "starter" part of the equation. Wildlife, especially fast-moving wildlife, is a very specialized and equipment-demanding type of shooting that causes some of us to blow thousands of bucks on a lens and a higher-end ...


Learning photography is much less about the equipment and much more about pushing yourself to learn. You can learn the basics of photography on essentially anything that allows for manual control of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Other aspects such as different focal length lenses, flash photography, and so on can be additional topics that one can learn ...


The focus on outdoors use and specifically the combination of backpacking and canoeing/kayaking make this a difficult recommendation, I think, if you are focused on learning photography instead of just "taking pictures." For backpacking, I'm not excited about the notion of taking a full-frame DSLR along. Back in the day I carried a film SLR a few times and ...


This is sort of a trite answer, but the best camera is the one you have with you, that you are most likely to use and/or have handy. There are all sorts of amazing photo essays and very artistic shots done completely on mobile phones, or with outdoors point-and-shoots. I won't recommend specific models or even brands, but considering your outdoor activity, ...


The good news is that digital cameras handle outdoor photography the easiest. There tends to be plenty of light and subjects rarely move fast. Any modern DSLR will do and something in the mid-range will allow you to learn photographic controls to exercise your creativity. There are also several weather-sealed models which will allow you to do outdoor ...


I tried to do the correction myself and I think that the rock color is a little better here. The key was the Auto Tone mode of curves (with 0% clipping), which subtracted a lot from blue channel, and some further adjustments in Shadows&Highlights. Auto Tone doesn't always get it right, sometimes it's necessary to manually adjust curves for each channel. ...

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