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Napioa - Wind Origins
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For your intended purpose there isn't a lot of difference between using a 700D or a 70D (The 80D, on the other hand, provides significant improvement in low light performance and dynamic range which is vital to most landscape photography). The 70D has very slightly better sensor performance, but the difference is well less than 1/3 stop in terms of dynamic ...


I have the opportunity to buy either a Canon 700D for about 470€ or the Canon 70D for 830€ (both are just the cameras, no lenses included). This would be my first DSLR. There's a gap of 360€ which I could spent on lenses. 800€ is actually my limit but since 30€ is not THAT much of a difference I'd do an exception. But not more than that. Since I'm a ...

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