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Is there a way to take a same set of images for a panaroma twice Yes. Simply do it a second time. You can be more consistent by using reference markings. For the tripod, that could be the join of tiles on the floor for example, a natural landmark like big stone that your tripod legs are touching, etc. You could also try marking the position the legs ...


Yes, you can use a wide, manual focus, large aperture, prime lens for both astrophotography and landscape photography. You can use just about any lens to capture landscape photography, it depends on the vision you have and the scene; but a lens such as the one you described will give you many opportunities for landscape photography and it will capture them ...


I have the opportunity to buy either a Canon 700D for about 470€ or the Canon 70D for 830€ (both are just the cameras, no lenses included). This would be my first DSLR. There's a gap of 360€ which I could spent on lenses. 800€ is actually my limit but since 30€ is not THAT much of a difference I'd do an exception. But not more than that. Since I'm a ...


I enjoy DIY projects. A good quality square filter holder can be used with your home-grown versions as well as both round and square store-bought filters. You can use gelatin, glass, or plastic. That way you can also buy filters intended for other equipment so long as they are larger in diameter than your lens. You don't even have to cover the whole lens ...


None. 200 mm is not enough for wildlife. Get the 100-400. If you insist on 70-200, the IS mk II is the best. The f/4 version is much lighter, cheaper and optically also very good, but wild animals are often best photographed around dusk and dawn and in otherwise bad light. So the 1 stop loss may cost you on sharpness and shadow detail. Yes, the 100-400 is ...


The occasion for this purchase is a trip I'll soon take to shoot wildlife... Unless you plan on shooting exactly the same wildlife in exactly the same way when you get back home, I'd actually say that renting a Great White L for the trip makes more sense than purchasing one. What you shoot at home and what you shoot on vacation can differ drastically. ...

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