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I have done a bit of climbing with a DSLR, and a lot of hiking with one. If you're climbing with it, you don't want it on your chest, and if you want it accessible, you don't want it on your back. This means that most of your options are holster style bags. I have a tamrac one which happens to be shower proof when closed (in reality it's been more than ...


I am no climber, but I'm a big fan of Peak Design's Capture Pro. It's a clip that you can attach to your backpack strap or harness. You use a standard quick release plate on your camera and can quickly slide the camera into the clip. To release it you press a release button (which can also be locked for extra security), and with a smaller camera like a ...


You need to understand that closeup (macro) photography requires apertures stopped down to about f/16 to have any depth of field at all. f/1.8 would be extremely unsuitable for macro. This f/16 also means in many cases you need to add some light to the subject. Your 18-55mm zoom is the most versatile, from wide angle to mild telephoto. It is only a $120 ...

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