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Portra is a low-contrast, low-saturation film made primarily for wedding and portrait photographers (it's the successor to Vericolor III Professional). It's designed to capture the details in both the white wedding dress and the black tuxedo at the same time, while rendering pleasing, blemish-minimized skin tones. There's nothing special about its grain ...


I found a graph of Kodak film sales on this page.


The overlap in ASA/ISO is because that's definitely not the main distinguishing factor. The most obvious differences are in the color/tone curves and grain characteristics. There are two color choices in Kodak's "professional" line: Portra is, as the name kind of implies, intended for portraits. It features subtle colors and is not very saturated. ...


Unfortunately 126 film is no longer made, and even the stocks that were held on to after production ended have for the most part dried up. The good news is that you have another option, and that is to reload the 126 film cartridges with 35mm film. The 126 film was after all, just 35mm film in a more convenient roll that didn't require film leaders or ...


The first hit I get on google for Tri-X 400 Pan tells me: KODAK TRI-X Pan Film has been replaced by KODAK PROFESSIONAL TRI-X 400 Film / 400TX. The second hit is about Pro Tri-X 400, and that says: Compared to KODAK TRI-X Pan and KODAK TRI-X Pan Professional Film, the newer TRI-X 400 and 320 Films may have a slightly different retouching ...


Disposable cameras usually work in a completely fixed mode of operation (lens focus, aperture and shutter speed). The flash can be turned on or off but power output is fixed . Exposure variations are handled during developing (since nobody expects the absolute highest quality from disposable cameras the effects of pushing or pulling the film go unnoticed). ...


According to Kodak, Supra was discontinued over 10 years ago : So if your store is still carrying Supra, check the expiration dates on the boxes. For Kodak, you now have the choice of Portra 160, 400, or 800 or Ektar 100. For Fuji, it looks likes the only choice you have is ...


I tested both of them; Kodak Portra 160 ISO and Superia 200 ISO. As a first reaction, I think that I love Portra. The main reason is the fine grain — Portra leads to a better grain result than Superia. Also, the color palette, in my opinion, is better in case of Portra (resulting in pastel colors). Basically that is what I am looking for right now — ...


There is a method, with formaldehyde gas. But formaldehyde is very very toxic and harmful. (first, read this Formaldehyde TEACH Chemical Summary) It's used for sterilization of surgical and veterinary instruments. You must use it so far away of humans and pets that you can (above all, of children and pregnants). And always somewhere outdoors, with a ...


The lens barrel of Z990 should have a 48.5 mm thread. This is not a standard filter size, but looks like some people have succeeded in modifying 49mm filters to fit by filing the thread slightly smaller. Another option is to use a filter adapter tube, but it seems very likely that the tube will black out corners and edges on shorter focal lengths.


Well, there is a .45X adapter available under a number of brand names (including the original Kodak accessory in the used market) that will take it from a 38-380mm equivalent to a 17-170mm equivalent for about $50-60 new, or less used. The optics are "good enough"; the camera is a 2004-vintage 5MP machine with a 1/2.7" sensor, so you can't expect miracles. ...


No. No lens adapter or add-ons can turn a a fixed-lens, small-sensored (1/2.5" format) camera into one with an interchangeable lens mount and large (APS-C) sensor. However, the DX7590 can use a filter adapter tube so you can put a 52mm-diameter filter in front of the camera's lens. The type of filter you choose can extend function. You can get ...


First off I really doubt buying an AC-DC adapter will be worth it. If the batteries last you for a year you can buy lots of them before you get close to the cost of an adapter. Also the adapter might limit you in your photography and can cause you to miss the shot having to rig it up. I use adapters only when doing studio work. Nevertheless if you really ...


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