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I found a graph of Kodak film sales on this page.


Unfortunately 126 film is no longer made, and even the stocks that were held on to after production ended have for the most part dried up. The good news is that you have another option, and that is to reload the 126 film cartridges with 35mm film. The 126 film was after all, just 35mm film in a more convenient roll that didn't require film leaders or ...


The first hit I get on google for Tri-X 400 Pan tells me: KODAK TRI-X Pan Film has been replaced by KODAK PROFESSIONAL TRI-X 400 Film / 400TX. The second hit is about Pro Tri-X 400, and that says: Compared to KODAK TRI-X Pan and KODAK TRI-X Pan Professional Film, the newer TRI-X 400 and 320 Films may have a slightly different retouching ...


Disposable cameras usually work in a completely fixed mode of operation (lens focus, aperture and shutter speed). The flash can be turned on or off but power output is fixed . Exposure variations are handled during developing (since nobody expects the absolute highest quality from disposable cameras the effects of pushing or pulling the film go unnoticed). ...


There is a method, with formaldehyde gas. But formaldehyde is very very toxic and harmful. (first, read this Formaldehyde TEACH Chemical Summary) It's used for sterilization of surgical and veterinary instruments. You must use it so far away of humans and pets that you can (above all, of children and pregnants). And always somewhere outdoors, with a ...


The lens barrel of Z990 should have a 48.5 mm thread. This is not a standard filter size, but looks like some people have succeeded in modifying 49mm filters to fit by filing the thread slightly smaller. Another option is to use a filter adapter tube, but it seems very likely that the tube will black out corners and edges on shorter focal lengths.


Another source of data

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