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No I don't imagine there is any way that ought to work. Either Lightroom or Flickr logically has to be the "master". In LR if you tag an image with A, B and C, then publish to Flickr, where you then remove tag B and add D, then you now have A,B,C in LR and A,C,D in Flickr. When you publish, LR isn't going to "see" existing tags in Flickr - it's merely ...


I have been searching for a way to do this and stumbled upon this thread. In the end, I played with LR a bit more and think I may have come up with a bit of a work around that I couldn't see listed... (but could be because I am new to LR and easily confused)... I have created keyword sets but instead of putting the keywords in the 9 different 'boxes', I ...

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