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If you can reduce the set of keywords you want to apply to 9 or less, you can solve this problem with keyword sets. You can use the keyboard shortcuts Alt/Option-Num to apply these keywords; they're arranged on screen so this is easiest to do with the numeric keypad. The trick is, Lightroom is usually slow enough that you can "chord" several keywords before ...


You can just re-import the pictures into a new Lightroom catalogue. On Importing the files, you can specify a folder structure and even a filename-pattern, that Lightroom applies while it's importing. To successfully do that, you need to do the following steps: Make sure that all lighroom adjustments are saved to either xmp-sidecar files or into the files ...


The other answers suggest importing or re-importing to organize photos. That's not necessary: Organizing into folders when you have some other meta to key off of is easy: use the "Date" attribute in the Filter bar to find all photos from 2013, for example. Then, create a new folder (from within Lightroom) and drag those photos to it. You can do that to sort ...


Ideally, you should organize images when you import them. First of all, you need to find a schema which you will use to search your pictures. For example, places, events, vacation destinations or kids names. I use places. You can select photos in grid view and move them into new destination. By moving photos inside Lightroom, all metadata and settings get ...


If you use the default "without keywords" that installed with lightroom, it is a smart collection, meaning all the photos in the collection match a set of criteria and are included in the collection. As soon as you add the first keyword, the picture will disappear because it has a keyword and no longer matches the criteria for inclusion in the collection. ...


The keyword box and keyword field below it work differently. The latter makes it easy to do what you want by inserting comma-separated keywords. Once you press Enter, all the words apply and the image is moved out of the collection but the point is that you can now apply multiple keywords at once. If you really do not like commas, you must change it to ...

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