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In-camera JPEG could be theoretically better than RAW, in cases where RAW file does not transfer truly raw data from sensor - manufacturers do it to reduce file size ("compressed RAW"). Some cameras, like Sony, only use compressed RAW and this can result in unexpected artifacts in images processed from RAW files, see for example ...


An important detail that hasn't been mentioned thus far is how file deletion is (usually) done on SSDs. It is different than the traditional, spinning-disk, hard disk drives (HDDs). As mentioned in AJ's answer, traditionally when you "delete" a file the operating system (Windows 8 in this case) simply tells the hard drive that the file is no longer needed ...


If you recovered to the same drive that you originally deleted them on, you probably corrupted them yourself. The reason you can undelete a file is that the drive is simply marked as the space being available, no other data is actually changed. Thus, if you read where the file had been, the data is still there. The problem with recovery is that when you ...

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