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In Microsoft Windows, the tag "CreatorTool" is shown as "Program Name" in the file properties. This is why the tag "Program Name" can't be found by ExifTool. it might also be the software tag that bothers you. In order to remove the tags, use the following command: exiftool -creatortool= -software= FILE If you are using the ExifTool GUI for Windows ...


Here is a modified version of Tomy's script. The differences: multiple raw extensions allowed remove jpg only if the pairs are in the same folder (avoid accidental removal of a jpg named like a raw file in an other folder) case insensitive # Script: # # Description: This script looks in all sub directories for # ...


Yes, it's normal for JPEG file sizes to vary quite a bit. The file size reflects how much information there is in the image. In your image you have a lot of structure in the grass, concrete and leaves, which means that there is more information in the image. Black and white photos will generally give larger file sizes, at least when saved as RGB rather ...


In Photoshop the best option for saving a single image for output to a website is the Save For Web tool. This allows you to set up your PSD for export to JPG and gives you options to take care of the resizing, resampling and conversion to sRGB which is a good idea for the web. Also the tool allows you to look at samples of the image and decide which ...


Don't change the resolution of the image. The resolution is irrelevant when you display images in a web page. The browser only cares about the pixel dimensions of the image. Just resize the image to the pixel dimensions that you want. If you then want to set the resolution (although the browser doesn't care), use the Image Size settings again, but uncheck ...

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