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The sensitivity tells you how much signal you're going to get from your camera module for a given light level: specifically, if you expose your module to 1 lux for 1 second, it will generate 5000 electrons. (There's probably some spectral dependence there which is hopefully covered in more detail in the full datasheet). The dark current tells you how much ...


The exact recipe will be a closely guarded trade secret for manufacturers but certain things hold true. Chipworks might give you some background that may help for specific cameras (or it might not). The actual light captured and charge generated will always be the same at the sensor. There are multiple points where the results can be adjusted. CMOS ...


is there an analog amplifier between the sensor and the ADC whose gain is programmed to change when the ISO setting is changed Quite often there is. It can be a multiplier after the ADC, too. Can be that gain does not change (Sigma/Foveon, some digital backs, some other cameras). Can be that it is not for all ISO settings, like "extended low ISO" on ...

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