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Fast films where first sold because they could be used with fast shatter speeds, this meant that the subjects did not have to remain still for 30 seconds or longer. Speed is also a good description of how fast the chemicals on the film respond to light.


The value relates to the shutter speed to achieve a satisfactory exposure in a particular ambient light situation. "Fast" film will allow a fast shutter speed, therefore being more suitable to capturing movement, or indirectly, low light situations. You trade off the graininess of the image, for capturing the image at all. Think of graininess as somewhat ...


In photography, how quickly something happens is usually referred to as speed, irrespective of the mathematic time/distance definition. That shorthand is also why we have 'fast' lenses because they enable an exposure to be made more quickly. Hence the 'speed' of a film/sensor is how quickly an exposure could be formed, rather than development time. Films ...


The concept of light sensitivity is related to speed in that a faster film (higher ISO value) requires less time exposed to light than a slower film (lower ISO value) for a single exposure. Fast film achieves this by having larger crystals of silver salts than slower film, thus collecting more light and creating larger "grain". "ISO speed" might better be ...

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