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I'm on my third nex now (NEX5, 5R and now NEX 6). when you are in aperture priority mode, some functions are automatic. Generally the camera would try to take pictures with a decent shutter speed to allow hand held pictures, which is how more than 90% of the pictures are taken. When you increase the aperture to more than double, your camera would have ...


EI320 is sort of misnomer when attributed to film stock. For a film that is not yet exposed ("film stock") one can say "it is REI320"; meaning the recommended exposure index (REI) is as if the film stock speed is ISO 320. EI reefers to exposed film (and exposed film is not exactly "stock"). In processing practice the difference between ISO 100 and EI 320 is ...


The difference between ISO 100 and ISO 320 is 1⅔ stops. If you shoot ISO 100 film at EI320, you have underexposed it by 1⅔ stops and it will need to be "pushed" by 1⅔ stops when developed.


If you are wondering what the difference is between ISO and EI, these are used in different contexts. ISO gives the speed of the film. EI stands for exposure index, and it's the speed that you have used to expose a given film. Most of the time you will use an exposure index that matches the ISO rating of the film. If you want to "push" a film for example, ...

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