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darktable has a "raw denoise" module that does noise reduction before the demosaic step. In practice, it is rarely better than the other modules that work on the demosaiced image. Most nose reduction options in raw development software work between the demosaic step and the sharpening.


Demosaicing and noise reduction should be done simultaneously. It's best to use the DCRaw program to extract the raw pixel data and then to tackle the problem of reconstructing the image from first principles instead of using the standard algorithms which won't yield the best possible reconstruction of the image. In such a first principle treatment, you ...


Except for dark frame subtraction, which helps get rid of (non-random) pattern noise,no noise reduction is done at the pre-demosaiced level. There are simply too many variables that come between the raw sensel data and a rendered image. However, there are a couple of demosaicing algorithms (LMMSE and IGV) that are optimized to deal with noisy data, and many ...


I've been making digital cameras since 1994, continuously. We currently have a line of security cameras. Up till recently, there wasn't a particularly good reason to add a cooler to a moderate range security camera. They have $10 sensors in them. Low light isn't a reasonable expectation at higher resolutions. But lately the trend in new cameras is going ...

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