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This is actually the expected behavior of the plugin. To quote from Adobe's blog article on the importer for Aperture/iPhoto (bold emphasis is mine): Information that is not imported into Lightroom: Image adjustments Smart Albums Face Tag Region of Interest (face naming tags are mapped to keywords) Color Labels (other than optionally as ...


If you want to keep your tags privately, then I guess you want to keep such photos privately either. So you can check out or, services that allows you to tag and shared images with your friends and family only.


The same exact thing happened to me (I had a 90s folder too!). In order to get it to work, I had to import the photos to iPhoto, then export them to the desktop, then re-import them into iPhoto. And THEN they worked. Once you upload them to Flickr, if you change the date in iPhoto, the date won't sync, though it syncs up tags in Flickr. However, it's very ...


If I read the iPhoto instructions correctly, you can select all photos, choose Export from the Archive menu, and make sure to tick the checkboxes for inclusion of metadata.


Aperture yes as "referenced masters" — iPhoto no, it only supports its own library structure. Aperture allows you to import photos as "referenced masters". You can do this from the import settings under the "Aperture Library" settings, by setting "Store Files" to "In their current location" (if already on your hard drive in your own storage system), or by ...

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