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Lightroom uses, or can use and generate, XMP Sidecar files there are a number of free &/or open source applications that can do the same: ExifTool by Phil Harvey, open source Perl module or command line. Can read/write XMP, supports custom XMP schema (platform independent) Exiv2 - Open Source C++ library and command line utility to manage image ...


Lightroom's catalogs are SQlite databases, so it should be possible to create them in other programs.


You would have to copy them off your iPad and onto a computer. The iPad won't function as a "camera" for this purpose and it won't attach as an external drive. However, once copied off the iPad, you can just import the files into Capture One normally. Caveat, I don't use Capture One, so I'm not thoroughly familiar with their import functions. I do know that ...

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