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I put together a translation table in this answer: EOS 1100D = EOS Rebel T3 = EOS Kiss X50 EOS 1000D = EOS Rebel XS = EOS Kiss F EOS 650D = EOS Rebel T4i = EOS Kiss X6 EOS 600D = EOS Rebel T3i = EOS Kiss X5 EOS 550D = EOS Rebel T2i = EOS Kiss X4 EOS 500D = EOS Rebel T1i = EOS Kiss X3 EOS 450D = EOS Rebel XSi = EOS Kiss X2 EOS 400D = EOS Rebel XTi = ...


Apparently around 2009 or so Canon began making all models they sell in Japan with only two or three language options in an attempt to discourage grey market purchasers. Even if another firmware version is released, you will still only be able to select from the languages originally included in your camera's menu. One purchaser from Australia mentioned on a ...


Wikipedia has a good breakdown of the Canon dSLR line that includes the variable names so that you can easily see. It also includes a handy comparison summary of their features.


Canon manufactures no lenses in the USA. The "US" versions of each Canon lens model are made in the same plant that all of the rest of that same lens model is produced and are physically identical within a particular production run. To the best of my knowledge, all Canon EOS lenses have the country where they are assembled printed on either the front or rear ...


The prices are pretty much aligned worldwide. For example, I noticed only a very slight difference for my DSLR between France and Czech Republic (where I live). Only a dozen euros or so. Usually, between the US and Europe, prices seem cheaper in the US, but that's because the US prices do not reflect the taxes that will be applied when you do the actual ...


In US you get different power adapter to convert voltage and in India another. So it`s completely safe to get camera in one country and battery and charger in another.


Do some countries sell Canon or Nikon DSLRs at a much cheaper price? Could I save money by buying from a dealer who will ship internationally? Considering US & Indian markets, you might get a good price in the US market. But note that shipping charges would be pretty high and it would end up costing you more than when locally bought. Unless you ...


It depends where you live and it depends on the particular item. The USA generally has the cheapest prices but that is not even true for all items. Some cameras are cheaper in Canada and you will find that the same brand sells lenses cheaper to the USA. European prices can range from a little higher to considerably higher. I have seen as much as 30% for ...


Stan Rogers is right, both battery and the charger are usually universal, you may just need a different cord and plug. but as the whole thing is missing, you shouldn't have any problem. just contact Canon India and ask them, they can help you better:

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