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India Point Park
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...or get a tripod and set a delay for 2 sec and wait of a bright day to let natural light inside. This will give authenticity to your photographs.. Of course you will need some photoshop touch before putting it online.


Like any lighting, this is not a simple one-size-fits-all type of deal. You have to think it through. Light should very much feel organic in the image and should have a reason for being there (i.e., "motivated light"). Nothing is more jarring than a light source in an image that your brain tells you just shouldn't be there. So think what light sources in ...


One quick suggestion is to bounce the flash (light, not the actual unit) off the ceiling or other large (white) surface to diffuse and spread the light. My other recommendation is to shoot from a lower position so the verticals aren't converging as much. The more you can keep the back of the camera level (i.e. not tilted) the better. See here for more tips.


The one time I did a few shots for this, I ended up looking up the notes at digital photography School. I found that if I pushed the ISO up to about 800 or 1600 and have the flash pointed to lighter surfaces, I got better results. Best thing to do is maybe ask friends and family for practice. Real Estate Photography

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