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photographyforrealestate.net has a lot of good information. Probably the most important thing is to straighten your vertical lines. If you have a wall corner that's straight up and down in real life then it should be straight up and down in the picture; not curved or tilted as often happens with wide angle lenses that are raised too high and pointed ...


The first impression is that you have a temperature difference like getting the cold camera from outside into the warm room or vice versa.


A halo like the ones on the image is always caused by subtle divergence of light coming from a source. Possible remedies: Good quality lenses have anti-reflection coatings on the lens elements to avoid light bouncing back and forth between two element, and lack of this could create this problem. You might need to upgrade your lens. Or, check if you are ...


Start by cleaning the lens. A dirty lens may cause this, however it is also possible it is simply a property of your lens. If you can't get rid of it, either use a better lens or work around it by taking photos that don't have the lights directly in them.

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