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You need two things more than anything else: Something to shoot and an audience to appreciate it. Maybe publish a newsletter, cover events for the local church, school, etc so you have things to shoot and an audience. I did this and was shooting every weekend with a purpose, a passion, and a deadline. Without this, the camera will collect dust. Second, take ...


All of the answers above are right on target, let me add one little caveat. Photography is often seen as a good, easy creative outlet because the technology supports the art so well - auto this and auto-that. The reality is that, once you've gotten the skills, creating art is damn difficult. Expecting that getting a better camera will somehow be the magic ...


The best motivation for buying any camera is when you run into the limitations of your current one. If you don't understand why you want certain features, and when you would use them, you're not going to use them. There is a serious drawback of a DSLR and that is the size and weight. I keep making pictures with my phone, because it is with me all the time. I ...


NO. Owning an expensive camera will not motivate you to use it. If you loved photography you would be doing it with anything you can. I take cell phone pictures all the time, because I just love taking photos. When I whip out my phone to take a picture though, I like to think I'm better at composition than your average cell phone photographer. Seriously... ...


You need to analyze your "feelings" as to why a P&S isn't doing it for you and come up with concrete reasons that translate to camera features. If your general thinking is just that your pictures aren't pretty enough, then you're right to hesitate and do some more research. Cameras are simply tools. Taking the picture is still up to you, and in the ...


Shooting with a DSLR is quite a different user experience than shooting with a P&S, so if your main complaint is difficulty in making adjustments, then a DSLR may help counter that, but it really depends on what your reasons for not taking photos are. As far as knowing what shooting on a DSLR is like, there isn't really a substitute for trying it. ...

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