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It works: This is an A3 sheet cut on the shorter side to match the shorter side of an A4 sheet. In other words, A4 is 8.27 x 11.69 inches, and A3 is 11.69 x 16.53 inches, and this sheet is 8.27 x 16.53 inches. Not only does it print, but it prints borderless. (Ignore the vertical lines; the printer is low on ink.)


This looks like a novel idea but I doubt it will work. Certainly that has been my experience in the past. But... there are a huge number of specifics and you may be lucky. All inkjets are physically/mechanically capable of printing indefinitely so long as there's ink and the paper goes through the pathway correctly. Unfortunately it does not follow that ...


This turns out to have a simple, non-technical, amusing answer: I was loading the paper upside down. The glossy side should be face down, but I'd loaded it face up. Once I fixed that, it started working.


The problems you're seeing in the first is absolutely a limitation of the Laser printing process and are to be expected. In Laser printing 'toner' (a powder) is applied to the paper using static electricity then heated to fuse that toner to the top of the paper. It is essentially stuck on top and not absorbed into the paper / coating as happens in an ink ...

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