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The application/apparatus described in the question is similar the method used by the Microsoft Kinect(tm) camera system. Kinect employs a timed IR dot pattern projected from the device and a high speed IR camera to pick up where each dot lands. A processor uses simple trigonometry to create a depth map which can then be applied to the RGB image from ...


There is no infrared wavelength that does not appear in sunlight. You would have to apply a filter to the sunlight, and to any ambient incandescent lighting, to be able to restrict the image to whatever is illuminated by your specific IR source. Note also that most consumer digital cameras have infrared filters in front of the sensor. However they still ...


I'm not familiar with using developed color film for IR; however, I have used a project where the inside of a 3.5" floppy disk was used. It should be noted that was used with a webcam and not a "proper" camera. If you want to develop a cheapo way is with coffee and orange juice, but it takes away the color so it probably won't work for your project. ...


I don't know about colour negative film but unexposed slide film works once developed. Slide film needs to be transparent to IR by necessity, otherwise it could be damaged by the heat from a projector bulb. There's no guarantee your film will work and unless you can develop colour film yourself, a cheap IR filter from an auction site may work out cheaper ...


The RC6 works fine with my 550d Try putting the camera in full auto mode to pick up the sensor also you need to set the shooting mode to self timer/remote control. Once it picks up the remote from full auto mode you should be good to go on other modes

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