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What is an IR-sensor of the shutter? For shutter release? It sounds like you're talking about an infra-red receiver that allows a wireless remote control to trip the shutter, like this: Can I disable it (software-wise or hardware-wise) or remove it to prevent leakage of IR into CMOS when IR-filter is removed? If you really are talking about the ...


"According to the information from Nikon, this is a well-known effect, because of the IR-sensor of the shutter, which is emitting minimal (IR)light."


Most of what the camera is picking up might be the heat of the body cap itself. Try placing the lens cap in a freezer for several hours, then placing it on the lens and taking a shot. How much darker is the image? Also, are you blocking stray light from entering via the viewfinder? Even with the mirror in the up position sometimes light can leak around the ...

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