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You could try something like this which is used for IR protection. I'm not sure how easy it is to cut cleanly you may have to experiment. Or you could go for a drop in filter (but they are not cheap, here is one for a cool $476.


From my experience multi-coatings on lenses, when the IR filter over the sensor is removed, reflects the aperture in the form of white spot(s). On some lenses (Nikkor 35/2.0 which have very pale coatings) I don't have the white spots, and the picture is generally much sharper. On macro and lenses with intensive multi-coatings, I notice that the effect is ...


Short answer : yes you can. From your update, your NEX is in "full spectrum" mode : the sensor filter has been removed and a glass equivalent has been added to replace it (description of this operation for a NEX 6 available here : As your sensor is natively sensitive to a wide range of frequency, it detects now ...


It depends on how the IR-conversion was done. Digital sensors are sensitive to UV and IR frequencies as well as visible light, so camera manufacturers put a UV/IR blocking filter in front of the sensor to avoid having non-visible light contribute to the exposure (it throws off the colors with "normal" photography). IR or UV conversion always involves ...

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