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Some of the answers here discussed a more complex question: what is the optimal mapping of more than 4 colors into a 3 component image. This is a very subjective question. From an artistic standpoint, there is no good answer. But from an engineering standpoint, one can use compression algorithms. A very basic algorithm for multiple band compression is ...


As said before me, there is no standard on this. With that in mind, I will give you one of the most popular IR color compositions. The composition is called CIR (color infra-red) And it uses IR->R G->G B->B There is a known phenomena in vegetation called the 'red edge' which causes vegetation to reflect more light in a narrow spectrum in the IR due to ...


Specialized astronomy software typically converts three channels taken in different filters (e.g. three of the 'wide band' Johnson UBVRIJHK.... filters spanning ultra-violet to 2.5 microns and beyond) to RGB channels that humans can see. Photographic imaging software thinks of images in three colors (I believe), as off-the-shelf cameras take three color ...


There are basically two ways to do this: Autofocus works properly with an IR-pass filter in place, as does auto-assisted manual focus (you turn the focus ring, the camera tells you if things are in focus). You are effectively focusing in a low-light situation, however, as the autofocus sensor has an IR-blocking filter just like the image sensor does. Many ...


I'm afraid there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as mapping of incoming light values to output pixel values is never 1-to-1, not even for plain visible light photos. You can start by reading about gamma correction and tone mapping. Typically, the exact mapping will vary depending on the content of the photograph. I suspect you will have ...


For phase detection AF to work properly, the camera needs more than just a clear glass replacement for the removed filter, it needs a replacement of a different thickness. IR rays don't focus on the same point as visible light, which is why lenses have (used to have?) a red dot to tell you how to adjust focus from the visible light distance to the correct ...

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