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The problem is that indoors you've got lower light conditions, and with sports being fast-moving you need a fast shutter speed to "freeze" the action. You'll typically be shooting far above 1/focal length speeds, so stabilization of any kind is not going to be particularly helpful. The first thing you should consider is cranking up your ISO, shooting RAW, ...


When shooting sports or action Indoors which happens to be, “Not a professionally lit sports event”, you have to consider the following; Number One - Aperture The wider the aperture, the more light you have to freeze the frame and keep your images lit as brightly as possible My bare minimum recommendations for such events for camera such as the Canon 70D ...


Unfortunately, this isn't a problem you can fix with settings on your camera. While a lot of situations aren't about the gear, this is one that is - there's just no way that either your 18-55 or 18-200 will be able to get any sort of reasonable sports photos indoors. Look for a lens which is at least f/2.8 or faster - the classic sports lens is the 70-200 ...

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