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Orquid "Phoenix"

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Your best friend, after the rectilinear ultrawide lens and tripod, for shooting interiors, is going to be off-camera lighting. HDR and a tripod can only get you so far in terms of control of the light. If you really want shots that look like house beautiful interiors in magazine spreads, you're going to have to light like those guys do. A great site for ...


The tools I use for doing indoor spherical panos is a tripod, a Nodal Ninja 3 panohead, calibrated for my particular camera/lens combination. The lenses I use are a Sigma 8mm f/3.5 EX DG circular fisheye and a Rokinon (Samyang) 7.5mm f/3.5 (diagonal) fisheye for micro four-thirds. If you're shooting without a panohead, you are very likely introducing ...

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